Although the national news has been negative lately regarding the spread of (COVID-19) (the coronavirus), the news is much more positive locally. On Monday, June 29, the Vinton County Health Department (VCHD) reported that for the first time since April 25 when the first case was announced, there are currently no active cases.

VCHD has reported a total of 22 confirmed cases in the Vinton County since April 25 with two related deaths. However, the persons involved in the remaining 20 cases have all recovered.

The situation in Jackson County is similar. The Jackson County Health Department (JCHD) has reported a total of 16 lab-confirmed cases as well as two probable cases with the most recent case being reported on June 24. Of the 16 confirmed cases, 11 have recovered from the illness and the remaining five were asymptomatic, meaning they have exhibited no symptoms. In short, that means nobody is currently ill with the coronavirus in Jackson County.