The Vinton County Sheriff’s Office has released the following information, pertaining to incidents during the period covering April 12-25.

On April 12, a deputy conducted a traffic stop at the Marathon gas station in McArthur in reference to a license plate light not functioning. The male identified as John Knox. Mr. Knox was placed under arrest for a warrant from Vinton County Court and transported to the Southeast Ohio Regional Jail (SEORJ).  

On April 13, a deputy responded to a non-injury private property crash in the McDonalds drive-thru located in McArthur. A vehicle driven by Essalona Keller was struck in the rear by a vehicle driven by Jeffrey Benner. No citations were issued, and a crash report was completed.

On April 16, deputies received information of a vehicle sitting along the roadway on Vinton Station Rd. for over an hour. Upon arrival contact was made with three occupants. The occupants are identified as Steven Kisor, Tara Cornell, and Tyler Kerr. They stated the vehicle was broken down, that there was no driver, and that he had left to pick up a truck and trailer to get the broke-down vehicle. This was suspicious in nature. Consent was given to the deputy for a search of the vehicle. Drug paraphernalia items were located, as well as a firearm. The items were seized, and criminal charges were filed on all three occupants for drug paraphernalia. No one claimed ownership for the firearm laying in the floorboard. Criminal charges may be filed as well on the Possession of the Firearm after review.

On April 18, a deputy was on patrol on U.S. Highway 50 West when he observed a vehicle in front of him with no license plate light. The deputy then observed the vehicle cross the double yellow lines passing the vehicle to avoid hitting the vehicle traveling in front of it, the one that was turning right onto Old U.S. 50. The deputy activated his emergency lights, and conducted a traffic stop on the said suspect vehicle. The driver was identified as Austin Fawley of Lebanon. Mr. Fawley was given a verbal warning for the license plate light, and a citation was issued for the passing on the double yellow lines.

On April 18, a deputy conducted a traffic stop on U.S. Highway 50 East, regarding a speeding violation. The vehicle was clocked by radar traveling 70 miles per hour in a 55-miles-per-hour zone. Cited was Zachary Taylor Johnson of Columbus. Mr. Johnson was cited and released.  

On April 19, deputies handled a complaint of trespassers at 64850 Infirmary Rd. An unoccupied vehicle was located at the scene and was towed at the request of the landowner. No one was located on the property.

On April 23, deputies conducted a traffic stop on a vehicle on U.S. Highway 50 around Cross Greek General Store for operating a vehicle with one headlight. Deputies found the driver was operating a motor vehicle with a suspended driver’s license. While a deputy was obtaining this information, another deputy observed the female trying to conceal something. The female turned over what she tried to conceal to the deputies. The item was a small container, in which she stated was methamphetamine. The female also turned over two glass pipes, which are used to smoke methamphetamine. Other paraphernalia items were located in the vehicle. A child was in the vehicle with the female. The child, belonging to another party, was turned over to the parents after they arrived at the scene. Arrested was Sue Brehm of Columbus. Sue was later incarcerated at the Middleport Jail. Various charges are being filed in Vinton County Court regarding this matter. 

On April 25, deputies responded to 34276 State Route 93 in reference to a suspicious vehicle parked in the driveway, occupied by a female. Upon arrival, deputies made contact with the female in the vehicle. The female stated she had run out of gas. During this situation, the female gave consent to search to deputies. Deputies located three hypodermic needles. Nothing else was located. Cited for possession of drug instruments was Jennifer Gandee of Obetz. Jennifer was released at the scene by deputies. On April 25, deputies responded to 41300 State Route 689 in which a male subject reported he had shot his neighbor’s canine on his property while it was attacking his chickens. The owner of the canine also reported her canine being shot. The deputy investigated the matter and determined no criminal charges were going to be filed on this matter. A deputy helped the canine owner load the canine into a vehicle, and it was transported to a veterinarian.