The Vinton County Sheriff’s Office has released the following information, pertaining to incidents which were responded to in the period covering May 2 through May 30.

On May 2, a deputy conducted a traffic stop on U.S. Highway 50 in Elk Township for a Speed Violation of 82 miles per hour (mph) in a 55-mph zone. A citation was issued to a Michael J. Brown of Chillicothe.

On May 3, deputies were dispatched to 63721 Rowland Rd. in reference to the theft of a 1991 dark green, Polaris Sportsman 4x4 A.T.V.

On May 4, a deputy was traveling east on U.S. Highway 50 at the intersection of Prattsville Rd. when he observed a vehicle traveling 71 mph in a 55-mph zone. The driver, identified as Daniel Withrow, was cited and released for a Speed Violation and Driving Under Suspension.

On May 4, a deputy conducted a traffic stop on S.R. 683 and Wolfe Hill Rd. for a Speeding Violation of 68 mph in a 55-mph zone. Shanay Robinette was cited and released.

On May 4, deputies responded to a dumping complaint at the basketball court in Hamden. A suspect has been identified. This matter is still under investigation. 

On May 7, deputies responded to 33628 S.R. 683 in reference to a male stating 10 to 15 canines were attacking his donkey. Upon arrival of deputies, the male stated he and his son had shot approximately five of the canines. The donkey did have injuries to its leg. 

On May 7, deputies took a trespassing complaint from 32439 Graves Rd. in Ray. The complainant states a female has shown up at the residence a couple of times thinking it was her parents’ residence. It was later found that the female is suffering from dementia. No criminal charges filed. 

On May 8, a deputy was sitting stationary on U.S. Highway 50 when a vehicle was observed traveling 69 mph in a 55-mph zone. The deputy attempted to stop the vehicle. The vehicle fled at a high rate of speed, and then turned onto S.R. 278. Deputies were assisted by the McArthur Police Department. The vehicle later lost control and spun off the roadway into a muddy area of a creek. The driver fled from the scene on foot into a wooded area. McArthur’s Police canine was used in the tracking of the suspect. The suspect was located and identified as Thomas R. Manring of McArthur. Various items were located in the vehicle, such as counterfeit 100-dollar bills, drug paraphernalia, and drugs. Mr. Manring was transported to the Southeast Ohio Regional Jail (SEORJ) for incarceration. 

On May 8, a deputy was siting stationary on U.S. Highway 50 West when a vehicle approached traveling 73 mph. in a 55-mph zone. The vehicle was stopped. The driver was identified as Wyatt Wilson of Logan. Mr. Wilson was cited for the speed violation and released. 

On May 8, a deputy was sitting stationary on S.R. 32 in Vinton Township and observed a vehicle traveling 79 mph in a 60-mph zone. The vehicle was stopped bearing a West Virginia license plate. The driver was identified as Jami A. Miller of Parkersburg, WV. Jami was cited for the speed violation and released.

On May 9, a deputy was dispatched to Malone Rd. in reference to a male possibly under the influence of a narcotic or psychosis. The male was swinging a golf club around, possibly had a knife, and talking to himself. Upon arrival to the location, the deputy observed the male in a yard. The deputy motioned and asked the male to come to him. The deputy approached the male and asked him to put the golf club down, an order with which he complied. The deputy then asked the male where the knife was. The male turned away and started walking towards the rear of the property. The deputy was able to catch the subject and tried to secure him for his safety. The male stiffened up and pulled away while being handcuffed. The male then resisted arrest, and a taser was deployed on the male. The male was taken into custody. Drug abuse instruments were located on the male. The male was later transported to SEORJ for incarceration. The male was identified as Marshall Perry Jr. of Albany. Mr. Perry was charged with Obstructing Official Business, Resisting Arrest, Possession of Drug Abuse Instruments, and Drug Paraphernalia.

On May 10, deputies were dispatched to Curry Rd. in McArthur in reference to a possible overdose in a small child. The case was turned over to Child Protective Services.

On May 16, deputies responded to U.S. 50 Highway West in reference to a pick-up truck pulling a camper. The sewage from the camper was leaking out onto the roadway.

On May 16, deputies responded to Gearing Ridge Rd. in Londonderry in reference to a neighbor trespassing.  Contact was made with all parties involved and the situation was resolved, with no criminal charges to be filed on this matter.

On May 20, deputies responded to a possible burglary at 11 Dunkin Square in McArthur. Deputies located three juveniles and talked with them. One juvenile stated he used to live there, still had belongings there, and obtained them. This matter was resolved.

On May 22, deputies responded to a residence on S.R. 56 in reference to an unauthorized use of a motor vehicle. No criminal charges were filed on the suspect.

On May 24, deputies responded to an assault complaint in which a male stated he was assaulted by a female. The female had already left the residence. This matter in under investigation.

On May 26, deputies responded to Hamden Nursing & Rehab Center in reference to a tree falling on a vehicle parked in the parking lot. 

On May 28, deputies responded to Newsom Rd. in Wilkesville in reference to a suspicious female. Upon arrival the female was not cooperative and was apparently under the influence of narcotics. The female was identified as Sara Bradshaw. Sara resisted the deputies, was taken into custody, and transported to SEORJ.

On May 29, deputies responded to a house fire on Wolfe Ave. In Creola upon arrival the residence was fully involved. McArthur Fire Department responded as well as the State Fire Marshal’s. This matter is under investigation.

On May 30, Deputies responded to a trespassing complaint on Poland Rd. in McArthur in reference to trespassers on an ATV on their property. Suspects have been identified. This matter is under investigation.