The Vinton County Sheriff’s Office and Sheriff Shawn Justice has released the following, in regard to “the order that has been issued on 03-22-2020” from Ohio Governor Mike DeWine and ODH Director Amy Acton. (This is the stay-at-home order.)

 “This order does not prevent you from doing essential things, as in going to the store, getting gas, getting prescriptions, checking on family, etc.  This order is saying that while you do those essential things, to practice social distancing, washing your hands constantly, and using wipes and hand sanitizer.  This order also states that you are TO STAY HOME if you do not have to do any of the essential things allowed in the order.

“If we can all band together and listen to these orders and put them into place, we will make it through this pandemic with minimal sickness and/or death.  Please remember, people can carry this virus without even knowing they have it.  You can get this virus and bring it back to your family or others.  This is why we need to follow these orders, so please read this Order and understand what is acceptable and what is not.”

Thank you for your time,

Shawn Justice, Sheriff