The following statement has been issued McArthur Village Mayor Steve Hammond:

“To the Residents of the Village of McArthur:

“I would like to share the following information concerning changes that are being implemented due to the Coronavirus. The Village of McArthur will follow and enforce all directives from the Federal and State Government. Governor DeWine's office is updating state directives almost daily. We will do our best to keep up with the changes and provide that information to our residents. Please utilize the link below for updated information from the Governor's Office:

“Effective 3/19/2020 all village offices will be closed to the public, for the protection of our employees as well as the public.

“Our Village Police Department will operate as normal.

“If you have any questions or issues that you need addressed, you can call the following numbers.

“McArthur Village Mayor’s Office, 740-596-5803.

“McArthur Water Department Office, 740-596-4060.

“Drop boxes are available at the Water Department Office and the Village Hall.

“The Board of Public Affairs understands that this virus may have created financial difficulties for some of our residents, payment arrangements can be made to help those experiencing hardship.

“If your job has been affected by the Coronavirus please use the direct link to OJFS for the unemployment benefits process:

“Mayors from other towns have reported door to door scams. McArthur normally does allow door to door solicitation, only if the person or persons soliciting have registered at Village Hall. Until further notice no door to door solicitation will be permitted in McArthur. Please do not allow strangers in your home and if you have concerns call the Village Hall at 740-596-5803 or the McArthur Police Department at 740-596-2980.

“I would like to personally thank the residents of McArthur for their cooperation during this difficult time.”

Thank you,

Steve Hammond, Mayor