The Vinton County Sheriff’s Office (VCSO), including Sheriff Ryan Cain, recently honored Captain Lydle Cain for his 20 years of service upon his retirement. Captain Cain was given two plaques in recognition of his two decades of service to Vinton County, one of which states, “Thank you for your remarkable service, commitment, and dedication to the Vinton County Sheriff’s Office and the citizens of Vinton County over the last 20 years. A leader is one who knows the path, goes the path, and shows the way. Thank you for your wisdom and support during your tour with the Sheriff’s Office. We are saddened by your retirement, but realize you have positively impacted Vinton County. We are proud of your selfless service and devotion. Your work ethic is inspiring and your loyalty humbling. Look back with pride and forward with dignity.” Captain Cain (middle) is pictured above with Sheriff Cain (left) and Chief Deputy Aaron Ervin.