The Vinton County Health Department has issued the following statement via Facebook regarding the local vaccine administration process:

“The Vinton County Health Department and the Vinton County Emergency Management Agency have partnered to lead the vaccination process in Vinton County. We have trained for years in preparation for these types of events. The goals for Phase 1B vaccinations are to save lives of the most vulnerable citizens and to get kids back in school.

“The Vinton County Health Department is dedicated to keeping our community healthy using prevention, resources, and education. In addition, we have decades of expertise when it comes to preparation and managing mass vaccination clinics. Our experience with vaccinating for the seasonal flu and the H1N1 pandemic, as well as ongoing training, has prepared us for this work.

“The Vinton County Emergency Management Agency continues to serve the community as an information and resource support agency. We are committed to engaging with our local health department to ensure that they have the necessary support to be successful. Together, we are well-equipped to lead this effort in 9our community.

“Vaccinations in Phase 1B are expected to begin next week. Governor DeWine announced a tiered system offering vaccination to the estimated 2.2 million people who are eligible for the vaccine under this phase, beginning with those who are 80 or older.

“Vinton County is receiving 300 doses the week of January 19. The Vinton County Health Department is receiving 100, Shrivers Pharmacy is receiving 100 and Hopewell Health is receiving 100. The Vinton County Health Department will vaccinate by appointment only. We are currently scheduling individuals in the 80 yeas of age or older category for vaccination next week. If you are 80 years or older, please pre-register for the vaccine at or call 740-596-5233. At the time of this release, the details for distribution for Shrivers and Hopewell were not available.

“Residents are encouraged to visit This page will explain additional information on the known targets for each phase and the timeline. In addition, a statewide vaccine provider search is available beginning January 14 at, Vinton County. Vaccine announcements will be made on social media and the website page listed above.”