The Vinton County Local Board of Education dealt with several personnel decisions when meeting Monday night, July 27, at Vinton County High School. The Board is working toward the opening of the 2020-21 school year in what promises to be a historic school year.

The Board employed Kassidy Wright as a teacher but chose not to employ Whitney Ghearing in a teacher’s position. The motion on her failed by a 1-3-1 count as Board members Cindy Strausbaugh, Mary Ann Hale and Jason Radabaugh voted no. Board President Tom McManis voted yes while Mille Lane abstained in her vote. McManis stated the situation would be reevaluated and brought back to the Board. 

The Board also approved Amy Gill’s hiring as the school nurse. The following home tutors were hired: Carol Hughes, Michaela Puckett, Betty Jenkins, Ella Eberts, Connie Fullen, Barbara Waldron Amy Walker, and Kathleen Kelly were hired as Certified Tutors; while Bob Rannels and Melinda Wright were hired as Home Tutors for the 2020-21 year.

The Board also approved supplemental contracts to Guidance Counselor Krystal Price (20 days extended) and to Josh Osborne as an assistant varsity football coach. They also approved the volunteer status of Sean Caudill and Bradlee Griffith as assistant varsity football coaches.

In other news from the July 27 meeting, the Board approved several grant-application requests. Those are:

* Applying to the Stare Library of Ohio for a $3,000 Ohio CARES Act mini-grant.

* FAO/AEP Community WiFi Access Point Grant for $3,600.

* 21st-century education grant for $200,000.

There were also several approved grants accepted, including the CARES Act funding for $684,434.92,

McManis reminded everyone that Vinton County students going to Buckeye Hills Career Center will be going either twice or three times a week depending on the schedule. It will reverse in the spring semester if the pandemic continues.