Vinton County South Elementary School is back on the Hamden Village Water system, and as a result the temporary water jugs have been removed from the school and the water fountains and numerous water faucets in the building are back in service. 
According to Principal Miranda Smith, the decision to pull he jugs was made after the village switched to the Jackson County Water Company (JCWC) as its new water-service vendor earlier in the year. The village had previously been served by the City of Wellston.
Vinton County Local Schools Superintendent Rick Brooks voluntarily decided to put in the jugs and close the faucets when the village reported its numbers were just missing the Ohio EPA requirements -- even though the village was not put under a boil advisory.
Hamden Village officials made the switch to JCWC because they feared steep daily fines from the Ohio EPA or U.S. EPA even though the village has always had a good working relationship with Wellston. Hamden officials initially wanted a new contract with Wellston and later a 90-day extension. Ultimately, though, Hamden Village Council let the contract expire on Feb. 29 and JCWC started pumping through their lines March 1.
Vinton County Local School District officials monitored the readings from the village using JCWC water for a while and the decision was made for School Maintenance Supervisor John Zinn and his team to pump the lines out and make sure all the water was coming from the Hamden lines being supplied by the JCWC.
Smith stated that the purchasing of water jugs was an expensive undertaking for the school district. She added the students have not yet gotten to use the water fountains as the school closed in mid-March due to state orders in relation to the COVID-19 situation.
Principal Smith wished to publicly thank the staff and administration for all they did for the Hamden Elementary students during the period when regular water service was suspended.