There will be no 4th of July fireworks display in Vinton County this year.

The McArthur Police Department made the announcement Thursday evening, June 25, on its Facebook page. The post stated that the police department had been notified that the 4th of July fireworks had indeed been canceled. While the police department made the announcement, the fireworks project is actually planned by the Vinton County Joint Community Coalition and the village and police department had nothing to do with the decision.

Back on Friday, May 8, the Vinton County Athletic Boosters announced that it was canceling its annual 4th of July Celebration because of the uncertainty existing due to the state’s Stay-at-Home order, the need to conduct advance planning and because of the negative economic climate  was affecting the business and community sponsors which financially support the Celebration.

At that time, a Boosters spokesman stated that all 4th of July activities were off, but not necessarily the fireworks as that project is organized by the Vinton County Joint Community Coalition.

In Summary: There will be local fireworks displays on Saturday night, July 4, in Wellston and Oak Hill; but not in Jackson or McArthur.

The Jackson Firefighters Association made the decision back in May to cancel the fireworks in Jackson. Other 4th of July activities in Jackson were canceled by the Firefighters Association and the Jackson Area Chamber of Commerce.

Wellston Main Street also later canceled all of its Celebration of Our Nation scheduled for July 4, but was able to keep the fireworks display set for that evening.

Meanwhile, the Oak Hill Athletic Boosters Club recently announced it would conduct a portion of its normal activities on Friday and Saturday, July 3 and 4. There will be a parade on Friday evening and a fireworks display on the night of the 4th and the Boosters Fish Booth will be open both days. However, there will be no other events or activities which are normally part of the Celebration.


Also in Jackson: The Farmer-Sportsman fish booth, located on Veterans Drive, Jackson, will be open June 29 through July 3. The booth will open at 11 a.m. daily.