The process of a replacing a major culvert on U.S. Route 50 in the west side of McArthur is moving forward.

McArthur Mayor Steve Hammond told The Telegram Friday, Feb. 19, that the Ohio Department of Transportation District 10 has begun the bidding process. Hammond says the tentative timeline goals are getting a contractor in place by March and starting the actual construction in June. 

The culvert in question is near the Main Eatery Restaurant on West Main Street and has been showing signs of stress. There are many stakeholders in the project including the Vinton County Local Schools, Vinton County EMS, the McArthur Fire Department, garbage collectors, travelers, and the business community.

Mayor Hammond stated traffic will be maintained in one lane during the construction process and that pedestrian access will be provided. The McArthur Police Department will also monitor the situation and officers will be available if needed. What makes the project important is the strategic point of where the culvert is located. It is between downtown McArthur and the Vinton County High and Middle School campuses and the athletic facilities. 

There several major businesses on the west side, and also nearby Elk Township, that would be affected if the highway were to collapse due to the culvert. There also are no easy detours motorists could use if U.S. Route 50 had to be closed.

Hammond says this is why McArthur Village officials have made this project a priority. Hammond stated the Village’s goals are for the businesses not to be affected and for public safety to be maintained. He thanks all the parties who were involved in getting the project to this point. He calls the culvert-replacement project a big win for everyone and he will be glad to see it completed.