A new full-time officer has been added to the McArthur Police Department and a new part-time officer may join as well in the near future.

Members of the McArthur Village Council heard about the latest developments with the police department at their regular meeting on Wednesday, July 20.  Police Chief Matt Kight reported that Officer Matt Sexton has completed his training with Corporal Bryce Chesser. Sexton will begin patrolling alone soon. Kight says Sexton is fresh out of the academy, has good instincts, and handled his training well.

“Officer Sexton is a good addition to the force,” said Kight.

Chief Kight says the candidate interested in the part-time slot currently works on the Glouster Police Department  and is looking for another department to get more hours. If this candidate is hired, the department would release more information about him at that time. The pending addition would boost the department and allow the chief to expand coverage in the village.

In other news from the July 20 meeting, Mayor Steve Hammond asked the council members to develop projects that may qualify under Ohio Mike DeWine's $500-million initiative for the 32 Appalachian counties. Hammond explained he has learned the state is looking for regional or intra-government projects as opposed to traditional infrastructure projects.

The mayor mentioned the possibility of a downtown revitalization project that could blend with the Hotel McArthur renovation plans announced by the Vinton County Convention and Visitors Bureau.  Ohio Valley Regional Valley Special Consultant Ken Reed recently said the state is targeting “Regional Transformative projects.”

Hammond believes the hotel renovation and a refurbished downtown area would serve as a gateway to regional tourism. The downtown area will be improving soon as Vinton County National Bank will be constructing a new two-story building on the former McClure restaurant property on Main Street. A new coffee shop has opened as well in the downtown area.

Hammond added the village is moving in a positive direction and Council is working hard to keep the momentum going. McArthur Village Council is scheduled to meet again on Wednesday, Aug. 17 at 6 p.m.