Information released by the Vinton County Health Department (VCHD) continues to illustrate that the recent wave of COVID-19 cases is affecting younger people more than older people.

In a report issued Wednesday, Jan. 12, VCHD reported the county has experienced 82 new COVID-19 cases in the past seven days, which actually represents a decease over the 90 new cases reported during the previous week.

The most recent report also reveals that more than half of the new cases -- 45 of 82 -- involve persons younger than the age of 40. In fact, the age bracket with the highest incidence is the ages 20-29 bracket with 20 cases.

The overall age breakdown for cases in Vinton County in the Jan. 12 report was as follows: Ages 0-9: 2; ages 10-19: 12; ages 20-29: 20; ages 30-39: 11; ages 40-49: 7; ages 50-59: 14; ages 60-69: 7; ages 70-79: 7’ and ages 80-89: 2.

VCHD also issued the following statement in conjunction with the statistical report: ‘Recently, there has been a delay in test result reporting. We continue to experience high transmission. The vaccine is still the most effective means to prevent infection. Contact the health department at 740-596-5233 for more information.