A Hamden man was recently sentenced in Vinton County Common Pleas Court after being involved in a domestic-violence case which later led to additional charges. The information on the case was released by Vinton County Prosecuting Attorney Trecia Kimes-Brown.

On July 27, 2020, Darion Blair of Hamden, came before the Vinton County Common Pleas Court. Blair entered a plea of “guilty” to one count of escape, a felony of the third degree; one count of assault on a peace officer, a felony of the fourth degree; and one count of domestic violence, a misdemeanor of the first degree. This indictment originated from an event that occurred in April and involved episodes in both McArthur and Hamden.

On April 4, 2020, the Vinton County Sheriff’s Office received a call about a possible domestic dispute in McArthur. The victim’s boyfriend, Darion Blair, was reportedly yelling at her within the house. The victim’s sister arrived at her house and the victim along with her boyfriend left and headed to their home in Hamden. The victim later stated that Blair was yelling at her and striking her in the face while she was driving. According to witnesses, Blair’s yelling was audible outside of the vehicle and they saw the driver swerving while going down the road. Blair then continued the fight at a residence in Hamden. 

Hamden Police Chief Hewitt was alerted of a domestic dispute in Hamden. The victim opened the door for Hewitt with blood on her face and red marks that she stated were from Blair. Chief Hewitt then advised Blair he was being arrested for domestic violence and Blair assaulted him and ran. The Sheriff’s Office then received a call that Blair was spotted in an outbuilding a few blocks away. Once the officers located Blair, he resisted arrest again and a Taser was used to get Blair under control. Once the officers got Blair in the cruiser he began to kick and head-butt the glass trying to escape. The officers secured him and began to transport him to the Southeast Ohio Regional Jail (SEORJ) after Blair refused to be seen by the EMS. Blair continued to head-butt the glass until it broke and then jumped out the window upon arrival to SEORJ. Nelsonville PD was able to locate Blair and took him into custody. Blair remained in jail from the time of the incident on April 4, 2020 through the date of sentencing. 

Blair was ordered by the court to complete five years of community control under the supervision of the Adult Parole Authority for one count of escape, one count of assault on a peace officer and one count of domestic violence. Blair was immediately sent to a community-based correctional facility.  Blair has experienced underlying mental health and drug/alcohol issues. 

According to Prosecutor Kimes-Brown, this resolution was created in conjunction with the victim’s wishes.  The Prosecutor thanks the bystanders who reported the events to the authorities.