Citizens in the Vinton County area are continuing to have access to their meat, produce and other grocery needs as the Campbell’s Market ownership and staff have been working hard to ensure their shelves stay stocked and the store is kept clean during the coronavirus-related challenges.

The store is located on U.S. Route 50 just behind the Vinton County High School Viking Athletic Complex in the new Cherry Lane retail development area. Although the restaurants have been restricted to carry-out and drive-thru service during the coronavirus crisis, the grocery stores have not been affected. Ohio Governor Mike DeWine says people have to have access to groceries and rumors that grocery stores may be closed are false.

Campbell’s Market General Manager Garry Saunders told The Telegram the store has been taking its mission seriously.

“Our trucks have been running regularly and the store has the vast majority of items that we always sell,” said Saunders. He added that the store has maintained the same hours and not restricted public access.

He noted these are highly unusual times, but that the staff is making the extra effort. The store may be out of a few items from time to time and there are also a few items the shippers are not sending in volumes as great as in the past.

In the back of the store, the popular meat and deli department was humming as employees were busy filling orders. There was plenty of hamburger, chicken, turkey, ham and cheeses of all types in this section. Saunders reported the aisles throughout the store have remained busy.

Campbell’s Market, Saunders continued, realizes its important role in the community and wants to be a resource during this trying period. Saunders added the Campbell family members came to Vinton County to end a 4-½-year food-desert situation and they know the importance of running a top-notch and clean store.