"Charles" Terry Wiseman
"Charles" Terry Wiseman

New Hamden Village Mayor Chuck Boyer is a familiar face to village residents as he has been a Council member, police chief, and acting mayor in the past. He replaces Terry Wiseman, who resigned with two years remaining on his 4-year term.

The bulk of Boyer’s career was spent serving as a long-time Vinton County Sheriff’s Office deputy. Boyer assumed the mayoral post on Friday, Dec. 31 when now former Mayor Terry Wiseman resigned. Boyer will hold the post for the remaining two years. Wiseman told The Telegram he resigned upon medical advice from his doctor to reduce stress and when he determined Boyer was willing to assume his position.

“Before I resigned, I spoke to Chuck and asked him if he could handle it,” said Wiseman. “Chuck said he could so I went ahead and resigned. We did it in front of witnesses, so it is all legal.”

According to Ohio law, if a village mayor resigns, the Council President assumes the mayor’s position. Boyer was Council President as of Dec. 31, but would have lost the position on Jan. 1 as he was not re-elected to a position on Village Council in November’s General Election.

Wiseman wanted to express his thanks to the village’s citizens and wish his successor the best.

“I know Chuck will be a good mayor,” said Wiseman. “I also wanted to thank the citizens of the village and want them to know I did my best for them, and I appreciate their support.” The resignation came just before Boyer’s Council term would have expired as he was defeated by one vote by Dale McManis for the final Council slot.

Boyer stated he will hit the ground running as the village is involved in a sewer-line replacement project on Central Avenue. He explained the pipe was late arriving as it was stuck in Mississippi as the supply chain continues to run slow in the United States. He stated the pipe has arrived and the crews should begin work soon.

 Boyer noted the project was important to the village to prevent more leaks along that particular line. The village is also working with Jackson County Water Co. (JCWC) officials on issues of water being fed into the water tank. He said the readings have been good and thanked JCWC General Manager Larry Foster for all the work he does in the village.

According to Fiscal Officer Lynley Holzapfel, the Hamden Village Council met Monday evening, Jan. 3, to hold an organizational meeting. Council members Dale McManis, Stagerlee Beabout and Phillis Henry were sworn into office. Additionally, Councilman Mike Claar was elected council president for the calendar year.