As preparations have begun for the 2022 Vinton County Jr. Fair, the Fair Board would like to highlight this historic year as the 100th year of youth at the fair.

In 1922, Vinton County held their first fair that included the local boys and girls’ clubs, this would be the first year that the youth were active in the exhibits. To celebrate this memorable year, the Fair Board have revamped its awards.

“There are sponsorships available for all budgets, whether you have sponsored before or are looking for a new way to support the youth of Vinton County,” Vinton County Fair Board President Austin Owings noted.

The Fair Board is asking the community for its help with sponsorships to make this 100th year celebration one to remember. The following awards have been upgraded: Belt buckles, chairs, coolers, halters, and new and improved banners and rosettes.

The Vinton County Jr. Fair is scheduled for July 25-30, 2022.

Any individuals, businesses, or groups that would like more information about sponsorships can email, or call/text Jessie Mulhern at 740-645-5585, Audrey Robson at 740-577-4735, or Austin Owing at 740-577-7789.