WELLSTON – Locally owned horse “Uncle Joe” trotted to the finish in 2:01.3, breaking the Jackson County track record on Thursday night, in the first of two nights of harness racing scheduled at the Jackson County Fair.

The fair hosted eight races on Thursday, with 11 more races scheduled on Friday with action set to begin at 7 p.m. The Ohio Harness Horseman's Association will be broadcasting on Facebook Live on Friday.

In the sixth race on Thursday, driver Alex Hawk hustled Uncle Joe off the gate to the lead and stayed in front to beat a field of three in a track record time in the Free for All 1-mile Trot.

Uncle Joe is owned by Richard Owings of McArthur, Ohio, and is trained at the Jackson County Fair track by Earl Owings.

In the two-year-old fillies, first division, Hawk rode to a second-place finish in the third race, aboard Rockin’ Moon, and was third in the fourth race with Handsome Pete in the 3-year old Colts & Geldings, First Division.

Handsome Pete was actually in a battle with BV’S Chip down the final straightaway, before breaking stride.

Meanwhile, Hawk had two fifth-place finishes aboard Duchess Van Fossan in the second race and Mission Voyage in the eighth and final race of the night.

Duchess Van Fossan and Mission Voyage are owned and trained by Michael Owings of McArthur, Ohio.



Thursday, July 16

Place, Time, Driver Trainer

Race 1 – Purse $4,500

1. LL Mystro, 2:02.1, Brendon Johnson, Clarence Foulk

2. Mr. DS Rock, 2:02.2, Dustin Bothaman, Steve Carter

3. Dragon Quest, 2:04.1, Jonas Hershberger, Samuel Clark

4. Studonbroadway, 2:05.0, John Raynard, John Raynard

Race 2 – Purse $8,937

1. LittleSammy, 2:08.2, Brady Clemens, Eric Nesselroad

2. Before You Go Go, 2:08.2, Brendan Johnson, Clarence Foulk

3. MJ’s Aunt Burny, 2:09.4, Derek Watike, Eric Nesselroad

4. K Anne, 2:10.3, Roy Burns, Roy Burns

5. Duchess Van Fossan, 2:13.3, Mike, Mike Sowers

6. Trotting Up Astorm, No Time, Alex Hawk, Charles Vigneron

7. Shady Ramona, No Time, Dustin Bothman, Roy Burns

Race 3 – Purse $4,941

1. Dragons Lucky Lady, 2:03.2, Brendan Johnson, Clarence Foulk

2. Rockin Moon, 2:03.3, Alex Hawk, Earl Owings

3. Cruisin Thru Time, 2:04.1, Dustin Bothm, Steve Carter

4. Jurassic JJ, 2:04.3, Brady Clemer, Eric Nesselroad

5. Cammy Cruiser, 2:04.4, Jonas Hershberger, Fred Boyd

6. LittleMissPrincess, No Time, David Young, II, David Young, II

Race 4 – Purse $4,626

1. BV’S Chip, 2:06.2, Brady Clemens, Eric Nesselroad

2. Dejarwin, 2:07.3, Derik Watiker, Fred Morgan, Jr.

3. Handsome Pete, 2:09.0, Alex Hawk, Richard Owings

4. Pure Peter, No Time, Dustin Bothman, Steve Carter

5. Charming Yankee, No Time, Joelene Christman, Joelene Christman

Race 5 – Purse $4,500

1. Cody Hanover, 2:04.2, Derek Watiker, Derek Watiker

2. Real Vision, 2:06.2, Melvin Byler , Melvin Byler

3. Eds Country Rocker, 2:06.3, Clayton Pfeifer, Ed Davis

4. Knight Timesacomin, DNF, Dustin Bean, Jesse Bolen

Race 6 – Purse $1,000

1. Uncle Joe, 2:01.3, Alex Hawk, Earl Owings

2. Emiene’s Future, 2:05.2, Brady Clemens, Rick Williams

3. Improper Elegance, 2:05.3, Dustin Bean, Dustin Bean

Race 7 – Purse $4,941

1. Western Rosie, 2:08.0, Dustin Bothman, Steve Carter

2. Im Rockin Country, 2:08.2, Jonas Hershberger, Fred Boyd

3. Hydrastar, 2:09.0, Alex Hawk, Eric Nesselroad

4. Valerya Steel, 2:09.1, Brendan Johnson, Clarence Foulk

5. Cruzin Susan, 2:10.1, Brady Clemens, Eric Nesselroad

6. WF Felicia, 2:10.1, Jeff Kirkbride, Jeff Kirkbride

Race 8 – Purse $4,626

1. Sundancediamond, 2:06.4, Dustin Bothman, Steve Carter

2. Will’s Way, 2:07.4, Joelene Christman, Joelene Christman

3. Chrustreetpistol, 2:08.0, Barney Dillon, Barney Dillon

4. Deep Breath, 2:09.0, Brady Clemens, Eric Nesselroad

5. Mission Voyage, 2:09.4, Alex Hawk, Mike Sowers