WELLSTON – Scot Sturgill resigned recently as the girls’ basketball coach at Wellston High School with the intention of taking a few years off.

However, his time away from the program lasted just two weeks.

The team had a surprise party for him a week after announcing he was leaving and asked if he would consider rescinding his resignation.

He said yes.

“The girls wanted me to come back, which had a lot to do with my decision,” said Sturgill. “I said after I resigned, I am a Wellston guy, and I didn’t want to coach anywhere else, and I wasn’t done coaching. I was just worn out, and this COVID thing, I think, has messed us all up.”

Since his resignation was not submitted to the school board, it worked out for Sturgill, who was hired back on Monday night by a 4-1 vote during the Wellston City Schools Board of Education meeting.

Board member Terry Gill said this is another instance where the process failed them.

“Mr. Sturgill did resign, and he rescinded his resignation shortly after that. Even though his resignation was acted upon by our athletic director and the administration, it was not acted on by the board,” said Gill. “I do believe we need a girl’s basketball coach. I hope we don’t put ourselves in this situation again. It is rather embarrassing for me, but we are where we are at.”

The only no vote, which came from Betty Jenkins, said the board was not abiding by the teacher’s contract or the Ohio Revised Code.

“He did resign, and he has no one to blame but himself for this mess,” said Jenkins.

Sturgill said he has no issue with how Mrs. Jenkins voted.

“I completely understand why she voted that way. You can’t say that is why you are voting for one, and then turnaround and not vote for the other. I value her opinion. She is an elected official,” said Sturgill.

Coach Sturgill is 82-163 in 11 seasons and has one sectional championship, as well as the school’s only district runner-up finish during the 2013-14 season.

After submitting his resignation, the job was posted and longtime teacher and coach, Rick Perdue was on the agenda for approval at Monday’s meeting.

However, the board voted 3-2 against, with the no votes being cast by Vice President Jennifer Pittman and President Brian Kilgour, as well as Gill.

“We have used a process for the last 14, and one-half years I have been on the board. I feel if I vote yes, that I would not be supporting the five individuals who sat in those interviews and listened to every word that was said,” Gill stated.

Gill was referring to last month’s meeting after the board rejected the recommendation made by the Wellston Athletic Committee to hire Rob Ervin as the boys’ basketball coach.

“We went into this trying to find the best candidate,” Gill said during the June meeting. “We recommended the best candidate, we thought, and I just want to thank the five members from the athletic committee.”

Nevertheless, Mrs. Jenkins, who cast one of the three no votes said the Wellston City Schools have an agreement contract with the Wellston Teachers Association, which indicates if a WTA member is a certified, licensed employee, and they apply for a supplemental position, then it should be offered to them.

By a 4-1 vote, the board filled the boys’ basketball coaching position on Monday night, hiring former junior varsity coach Robert Fouty.

Kaley Lower was also hired as the new head volleyball coach, who takes over for Holly Pettet, who resigned last month after serving just one year in the program. (See complete stories on the new coaching hires in upcoming editions of The Telegram.)

Other supplemental positions approved by the board included Chris Graham (Baseball varsity assistant), Jim Hall (Varsity softball head coach), Spencer Kummer (Football varsity assistant), Elizabeth Scott (Softball junior varsity), Lane Bunnell (Boys freshman basketball), Jason Eberts (Boys junior varsity basketball), Blake Royster (Eighth grade boys basketball), Morgan Stevens (Varsity Baseball head coach), Michael Grey (Junior varsity baseball), Shayne Compston (Varsity softball assistant), James Wallace (Varsity assistant), Kinnison Donaldson (Varsity volleyball assistant), Katie Roberts (Eighth grade volleyball), and Jordan Carey (Seventh grade boys basketball).

Volunteer coaches approved are Mattison Vance (Soccer), Michael Grey (Football), Matt Lockard (Baseball), Samantha Simpson (Softball), Rob Ervin (Boys Basketball), and Gavin Arbaugh (Boys Basketball).