At the most recent Oak Hill Board of Education meeting, the Board officially announced the identity of the new Varsity Football Coach: Chad Vanderhoof.

During the meeting, which took place on Wednesday, Jan. 12, the Board discussed what led them to choose Vanderhoof for this position. Vanderhoof was selected out of a collection of 19 applicants, eight of whom were called back for interviews. He previously was raised in Raceland, KY, before joining the U.S. Army. He later retired from the Army as a combat veteran in 2015 due to injuries he received overseas.

In his time, Vanderhoof obtained an associate degree in Management and a bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice. Along with his wife, Kristan, and his kids, he lives in Ironton. His coaching career began back in Germany as a running back and linebacker coach for the Department of Defense High School, wherein his team achieved two undefeated seasons and two championship victories in 2004 and 2006.

Additionally, while stationed in Georgia, Vanderhoof was the Varsity Offensive Coordinator and Defensive Back Coach, during which his team won the state championship in 2007, three regional championships, and two undefeated seasons. Afterward, during his time stationed in Missouri, Vanderhoof continued his role as varsity offensive coordinator and was named coach of defensive backs, running backs, and quarterbacks for four years.

After finally retiring from the military in 2015, Vanderhoof was Head Varsity Coach for two consecutive school years (2019-2020) in Wolfe County, KY, building a football program, developing a football culture with the team and community, and implementing a rigorous training program.

“We had so many strong applicants who showed they cared about our program or are already involved in our program,” stated Superintendent Dr. Marci Shepard, “Coach Vanderhoof can’t wait to jump in and prepare for the upcoming season and future of Oak Hill for the long-term.”