To The Editor:

To whom it may concern,

My name is Ryan Pelletier. I am a resident of Washington Township, Jackson County, Ohio.  I live at 1322 Jack Vaughn Road, Wellston, Ohio 45692. I am wanting to know why I am not able to vote in my community.

I received a notice telling me that I now have to vote in another location. The location is Coalton. I recall Washington Township Trustees having to spend several thousands to pave handicap space and other accommodations for elections. I contacted my trustees and I was shocked to find out they were notified in a letter just like myself.

This county is absolutely going in reverse when it comes to the Board of Elections. We have moved backwards in regards to machines and now we have to travel out of our township to vote.  How would a decision like this be made with social distancing being a true priority this election season? 

I would like to know who made this decision. I would like to know the reasons and if I need to attend a board meeting or Commissioners meeting to receive an answer.  I will patiently wait for your response.  Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Ryan Pelletier, Wellston