Second only to the air we breathe, water is absolutely essential for life as we know it.  We can’t survive but a precious few minutes without breathable air, and the average human being will die after only three days without water.  Think about that, I remember my Dad’s oldest brother saying that one day a glass of water will be worth more than gold.  The richest man in the world, would give his fortune for water in three days.
I suppose, it is just human nature to take the things we need the most for granted.  I am sad to admit, it has just recently become apparent to me about how thankful I should be for every breath of fresh air.  But my appreciation for water has been around since I was a youngster; traveling to Kentucky to visit family members whose only source of water was a sulfur water well -- taking a shower in that will make you appreciate good, clean, odorless water. 
The average cost of water in the U.S. is about $1.50 per 1,000 gallons of water.  At that price we are actually paying less than one penny per gallon of fresh, clean, odorless, fabulous, miraculous H2O. Next time you think about complaining about your water bill, think of this.  Your water bill for one day in the International Space Station would be $249,900 per day.  That is if you limited your water usage to three gallons per day.  WOW! Now that is a water bill.
I was thinking about my wife and I going camping when we were young.  It was before we even made the move to Jackson, and we would drive down from Columbus every chance we would get.  We used to really ration the water, I took milk jugs and drilled a bunch of tiny holes in the lid.  We would let the jugs sit in the sun and when it warmed up, I could take a shower with one half a gallon of water, and Rhonda could take a shower with a full gallon.  Her long hair required the extra one half gallon for rinsing.  
Today, 12/11/2019 is our 29th Wedding Anniversary.  That is scary to think how fast time passes.  So Happy Anniversary, Rhonda Maynard.  Time sure flies when you’re married to the right person.
God bless you all -- RHM