The Voynich Manuscript… I don’t know how, but knowledge of this mysterious manuscript has escaped my attention, until just a few days ago.  I was immediately spellbound by this strange book, I Googled it and streamed through the 240 pages with total amazement.  The author is unknown, but carbon dating on the vellum (Calf-hide), suggests it was written and drawn in the early 15th century (1404-1438). 

As you can imagine the world’s greatest cryptologists have tried to crack the language and the drawings in the book, with little to no success.  So, this book has left the world baffled, for hundreds of years.  Many different theories have originated as to its origin.  

Different authors have been suggested including aliens, doctors, witches, and even a practical joker.  I think the expense of vellum at the time eliminates the possibility of someone going to such a great effort, to write and draw these many pages, simply as a practical joke.  Aliens? No. Doctor? Quite possible.  Witches? Also possible because of the many pictures of naked women bathing in some type of green liquid.   

Also, there is a detailed drawing of a stone castle within the pages that clearly shows the design of Italian castles built in the early 15th century.  Most agree that it was probably written in Italy.  Remarkably there does not appear to be a single error in the whole of the text.  This is a nearly impossible feat, with a hand-written and drawn manuscript of this length. 

Tracing the known owners of this book, will lead down a trail of extremely illuminating characters.  But the final owners were Wilfrid Voynich, who acquired the book in 1912.  In 1930, the book was inherited after Wilfred’s death by his widow, Ethel Voynich.  She died in 1960 and left the book to her close friend, Anne Nill.  Nill sold the book to antique dealer Hans P Kraus, who eventually donated the book to Yale University in 1969.  It was stored at Yale as “MS408”.  It currently is stored in a vault at Yale University.  I encourage you to Google it; I don’t think you will be let down. 

God bless you all -- RHM