As I have said many times, Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday. I suppose it being cocooned so close to the Christmas season has prevented society from taking the holiday hostage – requiring you to spend a bunch of money and purchase all kinds of gifts you do not need in order to truly enjoy the holiday.   

Christmas has become a joke to society. Halloween passed a few days ago, and I have been looking at Christmas decorations for sale at Sam’s Club and Walmart for over a month. I might suggest just leaving them out year around, the way some people do with their Christmas lights.

Thanksgiving is so nice because it is so simple. I mean, you gather with loved ones and friends and enjoy a great meal together. After surviving 2021, I think we all have plenty to be thankful for. If you’re still alive, that is always a good place to start. Health is something we all take for granted until we are injured or ill. For 42 years, one of the highlights of Thanksgiving has been the following week, which is always the week of deer gun season in Ohio.

Sadly, this year we have no plans for a family and friends gathering for the deer gun season. For 41 years, we have had some type of a hunting camp which is always the highlight of the year. But, as they say, “all good things must come to an end,” and so goes the traditional gun season deer camp. It’s both sad and, to be honest with you, kind of a relief not to have to make that long drive.  

Seems impossible, but most of the original deer hunters from our first deer camp have passed away. Most of us that remain have really “lost our will to kill,” as they say in hunting circles. So, if you’re going to be hunting next week, be sure to remember that safety is first. No deer is worth the loss of a human life. Enjoy your hunting partners to the utmost and remember the old saying: “We do not hunt to kill – we kill to have hunted.” 


God bless you all,