The Telegram would like to publicly welcome Jackson area resident Anya Wakefield as a contributing writer to the editorial staff.
Anya and her family -- she and her husband have two children -- recently moved to Jackson County from Putnam County, West Virginia. While in the Mountain State, Anya worked on a part-time basis for The Putnam Herald, which is a local edition for Putnam County of the Huntington Herald Dispatch. She quickly discovered she liked the job -- a lot.
 “I started writing for a newspaper over a year ago and it has been my passion ever since,” Anya said. “For me, being a reporter is a great way to meet people, hear their stories, and help build connections.”
When Anya came to The Telegram office seeking to continue with her reporting work, we were delighted with the opportunity to bring an experienced and enthusiastic reporter/writer aboard who obviously enjoys interviewing and writing. As I told her during our interview, we work hard to generate a lot of stories for our readers, but there have been many others that have been left uncovered and unwritten due to the constraints of time and staff. 
Anya will be working part-time on an assignment basis and I expect that she will be able to cover some of those stories that have exceeded our reach in the past. Her first story -- a preview of this week’s Red Ribbon event in Jackson County -- was on the front page of last Saturday’s edition. We hope there will be many more.
Working on a part-time basis appears to be the perfect balance and flexibility for Anya, who is committed to her role as “a full-time stay-at-home mom,” but who also has other personal passions, including painting and the martial arts. We are glad she is saving a little time for us.
To help local voters acquaint themselves with the men and women who want to serve them in public offices, The Telegram will be publishing a special Voters’ Guide section which will be included in the Saturday, Nov. 2 edition. 
The main content will be profiles of the contested candidates in both Jackson and Vinton counties, who are running for city, village, and school board seats in the Nov. 5 general election. Letters with questionnaires were sent earlier this month to these contested candidates. Their participation is voluntary and most, but not all, responded. We would like to publicly thank all the candidates for participating and sharing their platforms and plans with the public and the respective elections offices in Jackson and Vinton counties for their assistance in providing information.
Due to the high number of contested candidates, township-level candidates will not have profiles published, but their names will be listed, as will the names of all the uncontested candidates on the ballot in both Jackson and Vinton counties. Levy requests from both counties will also be listed. These lists will either be published in the Voters’ Guide or elsewhere in the Nov. 2 edition. 
As for post-election coverage, be sure to listen to the broadcast of live election returns from both Jackson and Vinton counties on Tuesday evening, Nov. 5, which will be broadcast on WKOV (96.7 FM) starting at 8 p.m. Of course, The Telegram will be providing coverage as well, both in the print edition and on the website at