To The Editor:
I am a Scout from Troop 5091 out of McArthur and been in the Scouting program for 9 years. We have been attending Chief Logan Reservation for longer than I can remember. I’m still emotional about it and I just wanted to say thanks for representing our voices. We try to give all we can back to our communities and we expect nothing in return, but this article really puts a smile on my face when I realized that we can be heard. 
I have also sent out emails to my fellow peers, teachers, and staff members at the Vinton County High School to sign the petition to keep Chief Logan Reservation. The petition,  has over 8,650 signatures as of today. We are a very passionate group of people and I’m thrilled that your paper represented in this way.
Thank you, 
Perry Smith, 
Troop 5091, Life Scout Rank, Assistant Senior Patrol Leader
Order of the Arrow member of Maka-Ina Chapter, Brotherhood Rank