That’s what newspapers do

It’s funny. There are those moments in time that you know will require the question in the future, “Where were you when”? Where were you when Kennedy was shot? Where were you when the Challenger exploded? Where were you when you learned of the Columbine shootings? Where were you during 9-11?

The COVID-19 pandemic is not just one of those moments, it is a wave of moments; parts of which we have not yet seen. Over the last few weeks, I’ve heard several people say that they should take pictures of empty streets, closed businesses, and gasoline signs to capture what’s happening. My comment to them has been that The Telegram is already doing that for me.

That’s what newspapers do. They are recorders of history. In my dad’s attic are copies of The Plain Dealer with D-Day headlines and copies of The Ohio State Lantern with pictures from when the National Guard was on campus and the Kent State shooting made headlines. I’ve been saving every copy of The Telegram since the middle of March so that my kids will have a history of these moments. They will be able to show their children what life was like in Southern Ohio during the pandemic of 2020.

At The Telegram, we have been providing free, up-to-date information on our website and on social media about what is happening in our communities during this time.  We feel it is important that we keep readers informed during this time of uncertainty. Our staffers are working tirelessly to bring you the news as it is happening, as a public service. We will continue to do this until this is all over with.  But we need your help.

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Amanda Crabtree, General Manager

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