To the Editor:

It is Fall again and time for Community Assault Prevention Services (CAPS) to choose our “Most Helpful Officer for 2021.” Every year, we provide served victims with an anonymous survey. On that survey, there is a question about the officer(s) the victims worked with and gives them a chance to indicate an officer who was helpful to them. In the fall, we look through the surveys that were returned, and the officer who was named most frequently is given a plaque.

We work with law enforcement so much, and without them our job, working with victims of crime, would be so hard. Officers call our advocates so we can meet the victims and work with them during the court process. We help with court, transportation, protection orders and we now have a local shelter. Please applaud our nominated Patrolman and congratulate him whenever you see him for serving Jackson so well. It would be nice if all law enforcement could be given awards, because we have a wonderful group of law enforcement providers here. We have found that they really care for the residents of Jackson County and often let their feelings show when someone is victimized. We have found the officers to be very supportive of the Victim Advocates from CAPS, and that makes our work much easier.

This year, our “Most Helpful Officer for 2021” is Patrolman Jeremy Witt. Please congratulate Jeremy when you see him. This is our Victim Service Award, and he was chosen by victims served in Jackson County.

CAPS is funded by the Jackson County United Fund, Jackson County Marriage License Fees, the Office of Criminal Justice FVP grant, donations from the employees of General Mills and the Ohio Attorney General’s VOCA/SVAA grants. It is important for Community Assault Prevention Services to show the support of the area we serve. This funding allows our community to help serve all victims of crime.

CAPS doesn’t discriminate, and anyone referred to or coming to our agency for help will receive help.



Monica Dodrill, Executive Director of CAPS