To The Editor:
Dear local business owners,

Last year, the Oak Hill Pee Wee football program held a chili cook-off to raise money for the program. With funds last year we were able to buy a much needed ice machine for our community field, and this year as well as last, it was free for children to play football. We asked for donations from the surrounding communities for auction items. Some places chose to give cash to allow us to prepare a basket in their name, while others donated products or goods. 
Our program has decided since we had such great success with the cook-off last year that we would like to do it again this year. We come to you in hopes you would consider a donation of any sort. If not an auction item we will accept cash to buy small gifts for the winners of the contest and trophies, also we will need to buy bowls, spoons, drinks, and chili “fixins”. Your name will be present with your item and on a donor board. We would also appreciate a business card to keep with your donation. 
The date for this event is Sunday, Oct. 13 at 1 p.m. at Oak Hill High School. We will be passing out flyers with information regarding the details of the cook-off. Again we hope that you will consider a donation to help these kids grow and give them something to be involved in. If you have any questions or would need a receipt for your donation other than this letter please feel free to contact me at 740-988-7797.                                                  Sincerely,
Ashley Erwin and The Little Oak