To The Editor:

People of Jackson,

I am writing this letter in hopes that the current mayor, service director, and council will stop the spending because it's going to hurt the next mayor and council. For example, when the new police chief took over, he knew what the job paid, but he wanted a raise and they gave him one. They also made three new sergeants. Knowing the general fund was in bad shape, they spent money on two new garbage trucks. This is just a couple of examples of things they have done.

Also, I think the councilmen and mayor should give back their paychecks for October, November, and December. They are not doing anything to earn a paycheck. The city is getting in bad shape, just look down on the corner of Huron and Dickason Street. Where Buck's place is there are old pieces of junk all over the place and old cars. On up Dickason, an old boat and truck bed are sitting in the woods and there is debris every place. Wood Avenue on the west side of High Street, there in the yard there are old broken pallets and trash. They have been there two years by Karen Wyant's house. I'm sure she would be happy if they were taken care of. There are also old broken down cars and trucks all over the city.

For the people that are voting early, you need to vote for Randy Evans for the next mayor. He has business experience. He spoke against the income tax and will not accept the high salary of the current mayor. Randy is only going to take half of the salary that the council offers. The current mayor is ripping the city off with his high salary. The other two candidates do not have business experience that Randy has to run the city.

We do not need to elect Brett Foster as councilman-at-large. Also, Ron Speakman did a poor job as head of Council before. Someone that will do you a good job as a councilman-at-large is Marva Colby.

Just remember to vote for someone that can run the city, Randy Evans.


Marvin Ross, 18 Robin Hill Lane

Jackson, Ohio 45640 - 740-286-5469