To The Editor:

I am writing in support of Bobbi Montgomery, candidate for Jackson County Commissioner.

As the county’s former Workforce Development Administrator for nearly two decades, I had the honor and privilege to have had Bobbi’s support and assistance throughout the endeavors of implementing and operating the many federal, state, area and local programs we were charged with. This was besides the most important goals of educating, training and preparing the local workforce for present and future employer needs.

She has secured grants for various projects and especially for the youth initiative, LAUNCH, which she founded. Her passion to assist our county’s youth in their academic and social development is without question. It was amazing to see her bring youth from all three county school districts together throughout the years to build a coalition without regard to their differences. Although there were many goals, the main one was foremost focused on the dangers of prescription drugs and opioid abuse.

Bobbi most willingly served on our county’s workforce and youth boards. She was appointed to both the Area 7 and Governor’s boards on which she served voluntarily and without compensation.

As a former member of the Jackson County Economic Development Board, I saw Bobbi not only as an active member, but as a very proactive chair and vice chair.

I know Bobbi and have no doubt her experience, education, business experience, fortitude and energy will make her a great leader in this capacity. She will leave no stone unturned in her quest to what is for the betterment of all citizens and especially for those who will one day take over the reins.

I urge voters to not only consider but vote for Bobbi at the primary polls on March 17th.


Julia Morse Coyan

467 Gleandonshire Lane

Jackson, Oh 45640