I remember very well our first year in Jackson, Ohio; it was the fall of 1994. We had just moved into an old farmhouse on Beaver Pike, and the first warm day that followed a frost, introduced us to a horde of Asian Lady Beetles of Biblical proportions.  Most people call them Ladybugs, but they are actually Asian Lady Beetles.  This is our fourth summer in Melbourne, Florida and I had not seen anything comparable to those Lady Beetles until this spring.  
Unannounced, and totally by surprise, one day the Love Bugs just showed up out of nowhere. They kind of remind you of a combination of the Ohio Lady Beetles and the Lake Erie may fly hatches -- both of which can be messy, and long. I remember taking a water hose to clear off our front door in Jackson so we could get into the house.
Once inside my wife was sweeping the Lady Beetles up in our sweeper, and when the bags were full, I would take them out back and burn them in our fire pit. I later learned it was bad luck to kill the Beetles, but I had already burned thousands of them by that point. 
 Truly a surreal experience, I was reminded of what Einstein said about the Earth. He said, “If Earth is ever taken over, it will most likely be by some type of insect.”  That’s close to what he said.  And witnessing the overwhelming population of these three species confirms it in my mind.  “If the Earth is ever taken over, it will most likely be by some type of insect.”
As the Love Bugs become entangled in my leg hairs, I can’t help but think if these things could sting you like a bee, we would all be dead. The same goes with the Lady Beetles. Can you imagine if every time one of those annoying little bugs hit you, or if every time they tried to crawl up your nose, or in your ears, they would immediately sting you?  
Survival would be tough. You would almost have to retreat to a bomb shelter, or a cave, to escape the massive invasion. The Love Bugs are supposed to return in late September, and early August.  They are so acidic that they can literally eat the paint off your car, but that same acidity is reportedly a vital boost of nutrients for our Florida soil.  Knowing that keeps them from bugging me so much.
God bless you all -- RHM