To The Editor:

We are going through the Earth’s 6th Mass Extinction. Right now. Go ahead. Google it. See. But it gets worse. Way worse. Because humans are included this time.

Already we are having the Bug Apocalypse. Wanna see it? Go look at your car grill. Go look at your house lights. Almost no bugs. While some of you will see a bug and say we are saved, those bugs feed the birds and fish. So we need a LOT of bugs. Way more than the five or six you found around you house light.

Your car grill used to be filled with bugs. And now, almost nothing. By the way, you can Google Bug Apocalypse. It is not just in Jackson. Just to be fair, there is one thriving bug. The locust. They are growing in leaps and bounds.

Our extinction is from global warming. Wanna see it? Google ‘HEAT WAVES 2020’. There is endless stuff. And a few articles that the Earth is now getting too hot for humans. Really. While in the USA some places are crushing heat records like Florida and California, Ohio is kind of safe for the moment due to the wavy Jet Stream. And each heat wave is SMASHING HEAT RECORDS. You are gonna find lots of flooding too. It seems to be starting in Jackson, Ohio. Wanna see it? Google AVERAGE TEMP JULY for Jackson. Then go look at the high temp each day of this week and go check against the average temp. It is not good.

You can also check floods and droughts. France has the best floods with those small cars rolling down the hill. Don’t forget to check fires. Australia was on fire, and now California is on fire again.

And it may get a lot hotter, way faster than expected. A daily temp of 124F for many places around the globe. Now we are talking melting roads and taking down the power grid. How will it happen? The Arctic ice is pretty well melted. So the heat that used to melt the ice, instead heats the air. Melting ice keeps the water temp at 32 degrees. And heating air, with no ice, will be about 124F.

And global warming causes lots more floods, droughts, and heat waves which kill crops. A new article just came out saying China is gonna face famine soon. The UN has already said we are going to be facing BIBLICAL FAMINE soon. The IMF said we are facing economic trouble not seen since the Great Depression.

I am starting an extinction group, and if enough Jackson people are interested, we can find a place to meet. Contact Trent Black at The goal is to let us live just a little bit longer, a little bit more comfortable, with some food.

Trent Black, Jackson

(P.S. - Everything I have stated is available on-line via a reputable source.)