According to the dictionary, a sandwich is “two or more slices of bread or a split roll having a filling in between.” By that definition, a hot dog seems to qualify to be a sandwich, but I am not buying it. In my mind, a hot dog is no more a sandwich than a taco. Many people argue for both sides of this question, and I find that people seem to be really dogmatic about their opinions on this simple question.   

For starters, look at the hotdog. It is so unique; it could never be a sandwich. The buns are not sandwich buns, they are called hotdog buns. I mean, come on! Do you consider hotdogs to be lunchmeat? I don’t even think it is reasonable to call a hotdog a sandwich.   

If you see an athlete showing off you don’t call him or her a sandwich, you call them hotdogs. Does ESPN broadcast sandwich-eating contests? No, but everyone knows about the annual hotdog-eating contest. Imagine being at a baseball game and the vendor yells “sandwich here, sandwich here.” Never, never, my friend! It's unacceptable behavior for a hotdog vendor.   

Chicago considers putting ketchup on a hotdog harmful to your taste buds, and ketchup on hotdogs is prohibited within the city limits of Chicago. This would never apply to sandwiches. No one has ever sung about wishing to be a sandwich, but everyone wishes to be a hotdog, so everyone would be in love with them. 

Have you ever seen someone take a hotdog, cut it in half, and share it with someone else? That doesn’t even seem possible, but we do it with sandwiches all the time. If something really good happens to you, do you ever scream “sandwich?” No, but we scream “HOT DOG” without giving it a second thought.

Please allow me to close with this simple thought: a hotdog is not a sandwich, and I will never be convinced otherwise. Have you ever heard of sandwich sauce? But everyone loves a good hotdog sauce, with mustard and onion. YUMMY!!! 


God bless you all, RHM.