New Jackson High School (JHS) graduate Olivia Walker could have spent her summer taking a well-deserved break with down time before heading off to college, but instead she took a very responsible approach and decided to get a head start on shaping her future.

Walker’s gumption, enterprise and willingness to work has landed her here at our Total Media office in Jackson where she will be working as a part-time summer intern for The Telegram’s editorial department. She started working last week and will continue until it’s time for her to head off to Morehead State University in August to begin her college career. We’re truly delighted to have her on board and you will no doubt see her smiling face about our local coverage area as she carries out her temporary duties as a general-assignment reporter. She is the 18-year-old daughter of Cindy and Rick Walker and granddaughter of Flora Wilson.

Her internship lines up with her planned academic path as she plans to major in Convergent Media with a minor in Spanish. Her interest in the communications field was sparked in 2018 when she participated in a Media Camp at Ohio University and was cemented when she acquired a new camera and quickly learned what she could do with it.

“I have always loved media and cameras,” Walker commented. “I have always been the one to pick up a camera and take pictures or videos. While at the [Ohio University] camp, I learned how to edit and have been very intrigued since. I started taking friends’ senior pictures and filming mini movie trailers with my siblings.”

This feel-good experience prompted her to make a decision about her lofty career aim.

“My ultimate career goal is to become a movie director,” Walker revealed. “I know that is a very large goal and will take quite some time to reach.”

Walker is taking to heart Henry David Thoreau’s advice to “Go confidently in the direction of your dreams. Live the life you have imagined.” In short, she is “going for it.”

“To help me with my process to reach my ultimate goal I took Intro to Media, Journalism, Speech and Spanish I-IV classes in high school,” Walker recounted. “I would like to minor in Spanish because it will show diversity and make myself more marketable as an employee.”

She also knows that practical experience in the interactive media workplace would be another useful building block. This led her to Total Media this summer.

“I decided to reach out to The Telegram to see if they had an internship because I know it will get my foot into the field,” she explained. “I know in order to reach my goal it will not be overnight; I will have a ladder to climb, so I figured I should start getting my feet in the door as soon as I possibly could.”

Welcome, Olivia, we’re glad to have you on board, and we hope this experience really does help you achieve your dreams. In the meantime, we could really use your help, there is no shortage of local news.