As you are well aware, I like to take advantage of my proximity to the Atlantic Ocean by attempting to watch the sunrise at least once a week, if at all possible. It’s just amazing to think of us spinning at a thousand miles per hour and watching our beloved star which we call the Sun reveal itself to us on such a consistently, well predictable basis.  The offing is something that I don’t believe I will ever grow tired of.
I remember being on a fishing charter on Lake Erie many years ago, and I asked the captain how far you can see on the water to the horizon. I could swear that he said 20 miles. So, I have gone through the majority of my life being misinformed about how far we can see to the horizon. 
The same old man who told me about the Sargasso Sea told me that we can only see about three miles to the horizon, when standing on the beach. I said, are you sure about that?  He responded with a confident yes.
We must always be willing to question an assumed truth, so I came home and researched the subject to find I had been wrong for many, many years of my life.
A six-foot man, standing on the beach can only see about three miles to the horizon. But if you climb up a light house to 100 feet, you can see for over 12 miles.  
I remember one of the first Greek words I learned studying the Bible, was the word “horizon.” It is where the word “horizon” originates from. 
Also, the word “pro” means before, which is where we get words like “prognosis.” 
Prognosis literally means, before knowledge, knowledge being what gnosis means in the Greek. So, the Greek word “prohorizo” is translated as, to predetermine, foreordain, or mark out beforehand. So, my understanding of this wonderful word, “horizon,” has grown again. 
I can’t begin to guess how many people I’ve misinformed with the 20-miles notion. 
Oh well, we must live and learn.
God bless you all,