A couple of thoughts have been plaguing my mind recently.  First off, why is it that when we go into space, at the International Space Station, we seem to be able to peacefully get along with everyone in the world.  But when we come back down to Planet Earth, we start arguing and fighting like cats and dogs. Secondly, the same phenomenon seems to happen when we travel to the South Pole in Antarctica. We even agree to let Antarctica remain unclaimed by any one nation, and we share it with the rest of the world, for the benefits of science and nature. 
I think our international handling of Antarctica is a really good sign, that there might be hope for the human species.  When I look at the Earth from the live stream of the ISS, I am always astonished at how thin and delicate our atmosphere appears to be. It looks as delicate and thin as the thin skin you find on an onion peel.  It makes you think that we are all on the same spaceship, called Planet Earth. This being the case, I think we should start looking at ourselves as Earthlings.  I mean we are all human, no matter where you were fortunate or unfortunate enough to have been born.  
I really think that this might be the key to a future where war, mass shootings, and terrorism could gradually decline, and maybe even someday grow to extinction.  I know that sounds like a pipe-dream, but I think it could give us hope for the future. Religions need to tolerate those who dramatically disagree with each other, accept the fact that you are talking to another Earthling, another human whose mind can only be changed by God. The demonic deception that killing those who do not agree with your religious beliefs, is a lie straight out of the pit of hell.  
If we allow intelligent conversation, instead of emotionally packed outburst of opinion, I think we will find that what most of us really want is astonishingly similar. Take a deep breath, calm down and pursue the issues we face with an open mind. It’s OK not to have an opinion. Research and absorb as much information as you can and then make a reasonable, intelligent decision based on facts, not emotions. Know where you stand, and why, on any given issue. And most importantly, don’t be dogmatic. Always be willing to change your mind as you are exposed to more and more knowledge, information and facts. Changing one’s mind has been demonized, and that is insane. It is OK to change your mind as you learn, that is just as plain and simple as it gets. As my Dad used to say, “Lard is just as good as butter, if you’ve never had butter!”  

God bless you all - RHM