To The Editor:
That day is fast approaching, December 7th, a day that will live in infamy, a Day that Jackson Ohio can take great pride in, knowing that one of their sons had an active role in that Famous Day, and the continuing War that covered the Pacific Ocean for the next four years.
That Jackson County Son was none other than Myran Thomas Evans, Rear Admiral Retired, who was the Bridge Capt. On the USS Enterprise, that morning of December 7th, 1941. As the Enterprise was cruising North of Hawaii looking for the Japanese Navy, knowing that an invasion was eminent, but just when and where was the question.
At 7:55 a.m. Pearl Harbor was attacked by the Japanese dive bombers, and the radio message was sent to the Fleet Commander, Admiral William (Bull) Halsey, to inform him of the attack. The Enterprise was the flag ship of the fleet, therefor Admiral Halsey’s quarters was just off the bridge of the Enterprise.
As the radio message arrived on the bridge that Pearl Harbor was under attack, Capt. Evans, after reading the message, stepped to the door of Admiral Halsey’s cabin, and knocked… “Enter,” came the reply. “Sir, you need to read this, “was Capt. Myran’s reply, as he handed the message to Admiral Halsey. Admiral Halsey, after reading the message, turned to Capt. Evans and replied, “Do you know what this means, Empty?” 
“Empty” was a name given to Myran when he became a pilot. “Empty” stood for “M. T.” Evans.
“No, Sir,” came Myran’s reply. 
“By God, this means war,” and for the next four years, Admiral Bull Halsey and Jackson’s Ret. Rear Admiral Myran Thomas Evans fought the most fierce battles known to modern warfare. 
How did I come to know this privileged information? Well, I was God chosen, to call Myran, not only a fellow teacher, but a friend. As we sat each day at lunch in the staff room at Jackson High School, and discussed the problems of the day, eventually a war story would develop.
I might mention Myran was selected as the Flight Instructor to teach Admiral Halsey to fly… At this time Myran was a Lt. and a squadron leader, and Admiral Halsey demanded of himself, to be an able-bodied pilot to command an aircraft carrier, and Lt. Myran Evans was selected to teach Admiral Halsey to fly -- one student, one teacher.
We have been so blessed in Jackson County to have people who will give all they have to achieve the goal at hand.     Respectively submitted,
Paul E. Sites