To The Editor:

Wanted to thank the city of Jackson for allowing me to be a guest of Jackson for the past five years. But more importantly for caring for my mother-in-law Irene Lloyd until her passing at 99-1/2. Jackson was her home and she never wanted to leave. As a teacher at South Street she was well known and loved. We moved to Jackson five years ago to ensure Irene could finish her life in Jackson without hardships. I am blessed and humbled to have moved to Jackson to allow this to happen. Jackson welcomed me, gave me a job, and everyone in town helped us give Irene an ending to her perfect life!!! I especially thank Holzer Medical Center-Jackson; they provided the love and care when it mattered most! I will miss Jackson but will always hold it dear to my heart. Thank you everyone who made a difference in my short five years in Jackson.

Camille Lloyd of Connecticut

(former Jackson resident)