We bought new phones the other day and they had a selection of different colors.  I picked white since I am in the sun so much, and my wife picked blue.  The sales associate said “is blue your favorite color?” and she said “yes.”  If you took a survey, blue is probably the most popular favorite color.  If not the favorite, then definitely it would be in the top three of most people you ask.  So, I started wondering why this is so.

First off, is there anything more beautiful than the bright blue sky?  Maybe the bright blue sky behind the deep blue ocean, and it wouldn’t hurt to have the sun coming up or going down on the horizon.  According to Color Wheel Pro, light blue is associated with softness, health, understanding, tranquility, and healing.  Blue is associated with harmony and peace.  The color blue evokes trust, loyalty, honesty, and confidence.  It also reduces stress.

So where does the great American music called “the blues,” fit into the picture?  It probably originated in the 17th-century with and old English expression, “the blue devils.” This expression was labeled for severe hallucinations that came from severe alcohol withdrawal.  It is thought that over time it was reduced to “the blues,” and eventually meant a state of depression, or agitation. 

The blues grew up in the Mississippi Delta, and it is generally accepted that the music evolved from African chants, spirituals, and work songs.  Throw in a guitar, whiskey, smoke and a broken love song, and you have it.  True blues music.  It is also thought that the color blue is associated with rain, the rain being because God was sad or crying. 

Studies show weight-lifters can handle heavier weights in blue gyms.  In Rome, blue was worn by public servants. Blue is associated with air mail, and the navy.  Blue is the best-selling color of women’s sweaters.  Blue is the color most preferred by men. In India, blue is thought to bring bad luck and is associated with mourning. Blue was traditionally associated with pain in China. Eight percent of the world’s population has blue eyes. U.S.P.S. mailboxes are typically blue.  Blue is the favorite color for toothbrushes. Blue is the least common color found in our food.  It took 15 years for skittles to start making blue ones.  Blue ribbons are always for first place. 

Maybe the next time you see a blue sky you will appreciate it with a new light.

God bless you all -- RHM