To The Editor:

I have sent our check for the $75 to have our family, the Clyde French and Ray Palmer Family, Christmas Light hung. I have let the committee and the Mayor know that my family is very disappointed with the decision that was arrived at.

Our Christmas Memory Light was purchased in March 2016. It has only hung for four years at a cost of $404. That makes it approximately $101/year. We were told that as long as we maintained it, it would remain on the pole, which we choose. That location was to be at South Street and Trago, which is in front of our family home we had for 63 years. We are very disappointed that the new location of our sign is still undetermined. I am not sure how hanging these signs on new poles will be cost effective. Our pole and many others already have the plug ready for the light and the hooks ready to hang them on. Now many of these lights will be hung on poles that have never been wired and don't have hooks, causing extra work and more money paid so the city workers can ready them.

I am a former resident of Jackson, who no longer lives there, but who tries to support Jackson in many ways. I can't tell you how much fun it is for me and my family to come back during the holidays and to drive around Jackson. We see the different lights, all hanging on poles that were hung near a families' residence or close to their business. We would remember and reminisce. It was like a giant holiday scavenger hunt.

Now with the new plan the signs will all be bunched up one right after another. While driving, no one will have time to read each one. They will be all crowded together. It is very disappointing. Most of the families purchased these lights in memory or in honor of family members. There was a reason each family picked each particular design. Also, thought was put into where it should be placed. We certainly did. We were not just randomly picking a decoration not caring where it hung. We deliberated for days and knew exactly where it should hang. These are not just Christmas decorations. These are Christmas Memory Lights showing the town we don't forget those we have lost!

Thank you for taking the time to read this. Please feel free to share it with the community. I will be sending copies to the Mayor, as well as the Holiday Light Committee.


Jennifer French Yunker, Upper Arlington