I like to play chess on the mornings that I don’t have to work.  With the ease of the online games, I can play people from all over the world.  I absolutely love it, but just a warning; if you beat a Soviet, they really do get quite upset which is immediately reflected in the comments bar. 

Anyone who plays a few games of chess can feel the effects on the brain, with its obvious fatigue.  But what I discovered this week really caught me off guard.  According to a Stanford University study, a chess player can burn over 6,000 calories a day, while playing in a chess tournament.  That is three times what an average person burns in an average day. 

Sometimes writing can be as hard as chess.  I remember when I completed my book, I compared it to playing 50 games of chess.  I never realized how accurate that description was until I discovered the number of calories you can burn sitting basically motionless, and just thinking and concentrating super hard.

The American Council on Exercise says that it takes 11 hours of singles tennis to burn 6,000 calories.  A brisk walk, burns around 300 calories per hour.  Cycling at a moderate pace, burns around 600 calories per hour.  Rocky-style skipping rope, burns over 800 calories per hour.  Jazzercise, burns over 400 calories per hour.  Swimming laps, freestyle, at a medium pace burns over 600 calories per hour.  Jogging also burns over 600 calories per hour.

While the brain weighs only about 2 percent of your total body weight, it consumes over 20 percent of the energy used to get you through the day.  I suppose that makes it somewhat easier to realize the incredible calorie consumption during a tournament of chess.  I used to say that my exercise was cycling and swimming; now I am going to add chess to that list.

God bless you all -- RHM