To The Editor:

The movie "Midway" is presently being shown at the movies.  But very few of the viewers, if any will understand the contribution that a Jackson County native gave to this very important Naval battle and the turning point of the Second World War.

Ret. Rear Admiral Myron Thomas Evans was one of the Captains of the Aircraft Carrier USS Enterprise, the flag ship of the Pacific fleet.

Capt. Evans was a personal friend of Admiral Bull Halsey, who Capt. Evans had taught to fly an aircraft a few years before. Capt. Evans was the Bridge Officer the morning that Pearl Harbor was attacked, and was able to hand the radio message about the Pearl Harbor attack to Admiral Halsey.

I was privileged to hear any number of stories about the battles in the Pacific as Myron and I ate our lunch at Jackson High School staff room. My problem is that I didn't find a way to record them and preserve them for history, because history doesn't know about them; therefore history will never know what a GREAT CONTRIBUTION our Jackson County son made to the VICTORY IN THE PACIFIC.

Paul Sites, Jackson