To The Editor:

Hi, I would like to take a moment of your time to tell you about my wife’s dog, she reminds me the dog is not mine. Our dog goes outside every morning to do her “business.”  Why you might ask. Because when she was a puppy we trained her to potty outside by giving her treats when she did potty outside. My dog is smart enough to know, “What gets rewarded gets repeated.”

Now let us look at the situation in Washington. The last stimulus package had in it a check for every American for $1,200, which was needed, but for what, breathing? Plus $600 a week unemployment benefit, and it was needed at the time. That is paying someone $2,400 a month for not working. “What gets rewarded gets repeated.”

Now, we are trying to restart our economy. Both sides in Washington agree on this. One side wants to continue to pay $600 a week. Stop to think about this, there are jobs out there in the service industry that pay $10.00 or less an hour. That is a fact. At $10.00 working 40 hours a week you will make $400.00 a week, before taxes. Are we willing to pay you $600 a week to stay home? “What gets rewarded gets repeated.”

In that same bill is a bail-out for the cities that have permitted rioting, looting, and burning. Their answer to this lawlessness is “Defund the Police.” This has nothing to do with COVID-19. “What gets rewarded gets repeated.”

How about a plan to reward you people who are working, you know, the ones who move our economy forward? I don’t know, maybe give them a break on the taxes taken out of their checks. Instead of rewarding not working, and breathing. To jump-start our economy, reward those who are working. Maybe we will learn that “What gets rewarded gets repeated.” Return unemployment benefits to the pre-COVID level, so people have a desire to go to work.

The three trillion dollars for this bill will cost every tax paying American $20,000 more on the national debt. Where will that money come from? From you and me, and our children and our grandchildren. What a gift to leave them.

This is just my opinion, and my opinion and a five dollar bill might buy you a cup of coffee.

Rev. Terry Cavanaugh, Jackson