(Editor’s Note: Jackson resident Frank Souders contributed this op/ed to The Telegram about a very timely and important topic – COVID-19.)

It is with great sadness that I am writing this story. Many of you know me and are aware of the fact that I have spent my life fixing things for people, which forced me to study many subjects which include medicine, hydraulics, computers, computer software, electricity, electronics, automation, physics, just to mention a few. I am a scientist, which causes me to be a great observer of things, and what I am observing today with this "COVID-19 pandemic" absolutely terrifies me. The pandemic itself is not even a concern of mine, what does concern me is how it is being forced upon us. The powers that be have made a mountain out of a mole hill. I am in no way attempting to lessen the severity of this illness on certain people, but I am attempting to make the public aware of the lies being told by the government, and especially the media, to keep this media-created monster alive. I consider myself to be a Biblical watcher on the wall. If I see danger coming and do not report it, I am personally guilty of all the pain and suffering caused, and I will not bear this burden when I face the judgment of Yahweh. The news media should be serving their audience, and reporting the facts about COVID-19, but they are not, in reality, they are hiding the facts from us. Since nobody else is talking about the elephant in the room, I will.

When this "pandemic" was first reported, for two weeks I faithfully obeyed the government mandates, after all, they were "experts" according to the media. I spent two weeks researching this "pandemic" and slowly came to the conclusion that, in my opinion, it was created to wreak havoc on the American people. Now every politician has a mandate that everyone must wear a mask.

My first question, do surgical masks and cloth masks stop the spread of COVID-19?

NO. Surgical masks are pointless, there is no scientific evidence that they can filter out a virus. Source: https://www.zerohedge.com/medical/top-pathologist-claims-covidl9-greatest-hoax-perpertrated-unsuspecting-public. The CDC disagrees with this, but other experts also disagree with the CDC. The COVID-19 virus is very small, only 125 nanometers or 0.125 microns in diameter. One hundred of these viruses will fit on a cross section of a human hair. Therefore surgical masks cannot stop the COVID-19 virus. Source USAToday and Qura.com.

The ONLY mask which has been proven to filter out the COVID-19 virus are the N95 masks, which are virtually unavailable. Source USA Today.

Can continual use of surgical masks damage your health?

YES. Source mewe/group/583bafdb51ee970d9al6de3a Mount Sinai study published in the New England Journal of Medicine by Robert Zimmerman.

I spent many years working as a Registered Nurse, and as an EMT/Paramedic. I can tell you the first concern of any health care professional is airway and breathing, lack of oxygen will cause you to die within 3 to 5 minutes. I was wondering what a mask would do to your oxygen concentrations, because you are constantly inhaling the carbon dioxide contained in your mask. A friend of mine has access to gas analyzers and he tested this scenario. He held the oxygen sensor in front of his mouth and the meter read 20 percent oxygen levels, due to the fact carbon dioxide could be freely dissipated in open air. Next my friend put on a mask and put the oxygen sensor inside the mask, as he continued breathing the oxygen levels dropped to 17 percent. Oxygen levels of 17 percent are considered dangerous. Corona virus mask guidance is endangering U.S. health workers expert say. Source fastai.

Will social distancing of 6 feet prevent you from getting the COVID-19 virus?

NO. Social distancing will only stop the spread of the virus through large droplet transmission. The cold hard reality is that the COVID-19 virus is so small it will float in the air like a balloon and travel 30 meters (about 100 feet) and stay airborne for about 16 hours. The COVID-19 virus is contained in large droplets, and can be transmitted that way, but evidence shows the virus is spreading nationwide, and if it is not large droplets, then, by process of elimination, it must be by the small airborne particles. I believe this is completely true, and this readily explains how doctors and nurses are getting this virus despite following all the government mandates and wearing full protective gear (PPE).

Is this COVID-19 outbreak a true pandemic?

NO. Depending on which dictionary you read -- sickness over a large area is one definition, death of a large part of the population is another definition. If all the population getting ill, and recovering, this is not what I personally consider to be a pandemic. However when a large part of the population dies, and the death cannot be stopped, I would consider this to be a pandemic.

The 1918 Spanish Flu pandemic was a true pandemic. Estimates show that about 1/3 of the world’s population died from this disease. New York City shut down businesses at different times to stop the spread of this flu, but it did not work then, and it will not work now. America had a much smaller population then, and an estimated 675,000 American citizens died. Last time I saw death statistics for the COVID-19 was 250,000 in almost a one year period.   Source NPR.org.

The Black Death, (bubonic plague) killed about 200,000,000 people. And remember the world population was much lower than the 6+ billion people in the world today.

Small pox killed 56 million people.

Spanish flu killed an estimated 40 to 50 million people.

HIV/AIDS has killed an estimated 25 to 35 million people Source visualcapitalist.com.

COVID-19 has killed an estimated 0.25 million people source CDC.

It is currently estimated that there are about 30 genetic variations of this COVID-19 virus, some are reported to be 250 times stronger than the others. Perhaps this could explain how some people die from it, and others have no symptoms. American citizens are the most affected population on the planet from COVID-19. No reason has been defined, but I do have some theories. Source Geoengineeringwatch.org.

The COVID-19 death numbers compared to those having the disease and recovering are inaccurate. Dr. Jay Bhattacharya a medical professor at Stanford University School of Medicine did a serology study. Instead of relying on the COVID-19 tests, which have proven to be very inaccurate, Dr. Bhattacharya decided to draw blood on patients and prove whether they had the COVID-19 virus, or they had already developed the antibody to the virus because they have already had the virus and did not know it. This study was very enlightening, The World Health Organization told everyone the death rate was roughly 3 percent. In America that tells us that out of the almost 330,000,000 million people on American soil, almost 1,000,000 people would die. They were wrong. The actual death rate is somewhere from 0.2 percent to 0.3 percent. Another fact is that the death rate among the elderly is very high, about 4%, while among school age children it is extremely low. Compare this to the death rate of Spanish Flu which was at least 30 percent. Source Imprimis October 2020.

I want every reader to put on his thinking cap and ask yourself some very serious questions.

If 99.8 percent of people getting the COVID-19 flu recover from it, why did we shut down a booming Trump economy??  If surgical masks will not prevent the spread of this virus, why is there a gigantic push to require EVERYONE to wear these masks? If this flu is not causing a major number of deaths among school children, why are our schools being shut down, and why are our children forced to wear masks which have no scientific evidence as having any effect on the spread of this flu? If this flu has a major impact on the immuno compromised and the elderly, why were these groups not protected, and the remainder of the American people could live normal lives? I also have some very good theories on this.

As time goes on, more and more medical professionals are speaking out. I watched a U-tube video recently where medical doctors out west were treating COVID-19 with a 100 percent success rate and nobody was hospitalized. They were giving their patients 200mg. Hydroxychloroquine, twice weekly, zinc tablet once daily, and Azithromycin (Z pack) one time. I can no longer find this video, and there are rumors these doctors are no longer employed. I am unable to prove or disprove this.

There is a website, www.gbdeclaration.org where thousands of scientists, doctors and nurses have signed a declaration to stop this COVID-19 stupidity, please read this, and continue to research and think, The news media belongs to the deep state, and will NEVER tell you the truth about anything.

For some science experiments you can do at home, this is a study of small particle travel. Put some dried plaster up high, either on the ceiling or on a tall step ladder. Next put black cloths, tar paper, black construction paper, or anything else that is totally black, on the floor. Space these dark targets at 5 foot intervals and cover at least 30 to 50 feet if you have the room. Next take some light sand paper and sand the dried plaster for 2 or 3 minutes, enough to make a white cloud. Over the next few hours watch for white specks to show up on the black targets. Although these plaster particles are huge, when compared to a virus like COVID-19, you will be amazed at how far they travel in a few hours just due to the molecular movement of the air. Now can you imagine how far a smaller lighter virus will travel?

Another experiment you can do is to see how effective your mask is at protecting you. Take a human hair, and put your face mask on. Have someone see if this hair will fit between your mask and your face. Remember 100 COVID-19 viruses will fit on the end of one human hair. Does your mask make you feel safe now? After doing the research to write this article, I have come to the conclusion that there are no experts, or the experts cannot be trusted. Be safe and do your own research.

All the world shall be deceived. Revelation 13:14.

Be not partakers of her sins and plagues. Revelation 18:4.