The other day I heard someone say “That makes sense.”  The thought crossed my mind that making sense is actually more literal than I had ever comprehended.  Think about our five senses, feel, touch, hear, smell, and taste.  So, if I say, “Hey, that makes sense.”  What I am really saying is that makes sense to my senses. 
The dictionary defines “make sense” as being intelligible, justifiable, or practical.  I suppose that makes sense.  For example, if I take a jigsaw puzzle and dump the box full of pieces on the table, it doesn’t make sense.  But if I use the cover of the box and put all those confusing pieces together, they form a perfect picture of the box cover, and that makes perfect sense.  
If I take a tennis ball and drop it, it makes sense that the earth’s gravity is going to pull the ball to the ground, and it will eventually roll to a standstill.  If I am in the International Space Station, and drop the same ball, it’s going nowhere, since there is no gravity in the vacuum of space.  The tennis ball is just going to float around.  No gravity, so that makes sense.  
When you watch a dog being intoxicated by the scents it is smelling as you go for a walk... We understand that the dog is smelling, at such a higher level than we can imagine, that it kind of makes sense.  But we really can’t relate to it because our sense of smell is so much weaker than the dog’s.  So, I guess that makes sense also. 
So, to make sense, is basically taking something confusing and turning it into something simple and logical.  I hope that what you are reading is making sense.  Sometimes I feel like my crazy thoughts, are making no sense whatsoever.  Sometimes I feel like a dog chasing its own tail.  Does that make sense?                                    God bless you all, RHM