To The Editor:

In response to Mary Jean Rieder's letter dated 3 Dec. 2020:

#1)  OK Karen.  And while I'm at it, I'll call out the illustrious Editor of the Telegram for publishing my COMPLETE mailing address in my rebuttal Letter to the Editor of 2 Dec.  Nice job dude.  I got a little pornographic love letter from some backwoods jockey.

#2)  Lady, you could have kept your mouth shut, but instead you had to run it.  I am extremely passionate about this nation.  It is absolutely killing me the level of deception, cheating, whore mongering, race baiting, etc. that our politicians engage in.  Did you not see the images on Hunter Biden's laptop?  Probably not because you don't want to realize that you've been had by the same people you keep voting for. Wake up!  They do not care about you.  

#3)  Public execution for Republicans and Democrats that have committed treason against this great nation and the American people.  The treason is happening right in front of your nose.  Can you not see the evil?  Power and money.  That's all it's about.  Not us.  Not this nation.  If they get the chance, they'll finish running this nation into the ground.  As for Attorney General Barr, you do know that he kept secret all the dirt on the Bidens until AFTER the election? And, after 4 years of looking into and investigating the treachery of the Obama admin spying on Trump and others, with ONE conviction, despite the evidence,  I can guess which camp he's really a part of.  No, these are not conspiracy theories Karen.  It's real and it's happening now and the sickest part is, they'll probably get away with it and everything will go away.

#4)  Don't ever tell me I can or cannot do or say what I want.  I served my country for 20 years in the service.  I KNOW what a special country this was.  I've seen things you never will and I am proud to be an American fighting for TRUTH and this nation. Part of my oath was to "protect the United States from all enemies foreign and DOMESTIC".  You know Karen, like our swamp in DC.  

#5)  EVERYTHING I wrote was factual with NO disinformation.  You're just too blind to see the evil for what it is.  I'm not a Republican or Democrat.  I'm an American.  Go pound sand Karen.

Lisa Fresquez