To The Editor:

I believe that if a family is in dire need, they should be exactly that, in dire need!

But when a family has been supported over and over and has been sent money, gifts, gift cards, had fundraisers done for them because a family member is sick and terminal… Then do this --

This is my problem. They own more cars, trucks and recreational toys than the biggest car lot in Oak Hill. These are not junk. They are nice vehicles. I am the first to give money when someone needs it or needs help getting to a doctor’s appointment or anywhere; but when a family is just taking advantage of their neighbors, church and friends and can sell some of these many cars they have to pay their own way, and I don’t see them sacrificing and doing that, then I shouldn’t support them and give up paying for things I would like to have so they can just purchase another car to add to their collection. Which is exactly what they do!

I don’t even live in this town but my kids and I frequent going to your pool and other activities and I graduated with some people from there. I try to donate to causes that I feel like need the most help!

If you need help that is fine but don’t take advantage of people’s goodness when you can’t give up some of your own extravagances, because then you, my friend, are not in need.

Gail A. Bell – Jackson County area