I’ve been listening to a podcast about Teddy Roosevelt.  It is very interesting, and it connected a couple of things I previously knew, but never realized they were so closely connected --  mainly, a famous old quote that I have admired for years.  But I never knew the author was Teddy Roosevelt’s oldest daughter Alice.  I had assumed it was his wife or sister all these years. 
So yesterday when I heard about Alice and her being the wildest child to ever live in the White House, my jaw literally dropped in disbelief.  She actually stitched these words on a pillow which she left on her couch for all to see: “If you haven’t got anything nice to say about anyone, come and sit here by me.”
A dear, old friend of mine turned me on to that quote many years ago.  He said it reminded him of the hours-long talking sessions he used to have with my mom.  You have to appreciate the humor in that little statement.  And we must all agree that we are all guilty of such gossip to one degree or another.  
Alice was the only child that Teddy Roosevelt ever had with his first wife, Alice Hathaway Lee.  He loved her desperately and she died of kidney failure two days after giving birth to baby Alice.  It is said that TR could never bring himself to call his daughter by the same name as his deceased wife, so TR called baby Alice, baby Lee.  Earlier that morning TR’s mother also passed away; it was Valentine’s Day 1884, and the fourth anniversary of their wedding engagement.  That was a very rough day for the poor 25-year-old Theodore Roosevelt.  TR would later go on to remarry and have five more children. 
Alice was left in New York to be raised by TR’s sister Anna. Anna had a huge influence on Alice due to her strong and independent nature. Alice smoked, drank, distrusted men, and did everything a young lady is not supposed to do.  Alice was extremely outspoken, and was loved by the press throughout her life.  She was nicknamed Princess Alice and the author of that quote, one of the best I’ve ever heard:
 “If you haven’t got anything nice to say about anyone, come and sit here by me.”   
--God bless you all,
R. H. M.