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July 6, 2022
  • Gunpowder is the earliest known chemical explosive. It is commonly called black powder to distinguish it from the modern smokeless powder.
  • Truly, one of ‘Jackson’s Finest’

    One of the benefits of being a local journalist for 50 years is that you have the opportunity to see the many people who make a positive difference in our local communities. Sometimes, these people are in the spotlight, but in many other instances they are also doing their good deeds behind the scenes.

  • Half-Staff
    Seems like flags flying half-staff is almost a regular occurrence these days.
  • I remember, many years ago, we were at a family reunion at Fish Trap Dam, near Pikeville, KY.
  • The human eye can only see about .0035 percent of the electromagnetic spectrum. 
  • Sable The Shark
    Sable, the 76th Great White Shark to be tagged in the wild, is a real traveler.
  • New Ally?
    Most experts agree that the Florida python problem originated during Hurricane Andrew.
  • Burrowing Owls
    I have heard of many species of birds that nest on the ground, but I have never heard of a bird that actually nests in the ground.
  • Man-of-War
    I vividly remember my first experience with the venom of the sea. I was on Sanibel Island, doing the hillbilly stomp out to the sandbar, when an excruciating pain inflicted the center of my right big toe.
  • Medicare Prescription Drug Plan Discount – Are You Eligible?
    Do you know if you are eligible for the Medicare Prescription Drug Plan Discount?
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