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February 21, 2019
  • ‘Burgoo and Warren G. Harding, too…’
    As you may recall, last week’s “Community Connection” told the story about the important local history which was made when a sitting U.S. President (William Howard Taft) and a former U.S. President (Teddy Roosevelt) visited Jackson County in a span of just nine days in May of 1912, when both men were campaigning for President.
  • To The Editor:

    Reviewing the January 19, 2019 Telegram gave me hope for the future, regarding the City of Wellston hiring Code Enforcement Officers to educate, encourage and enforce much needed community standards.

  • To The Editor:
         When are we going to wake up and forget about spending billions of dollars on a wall between the U.S. and Mexico that will not work. Recently, one group of over three hundred went over and under the existing wall and another group of more than 100 went over the existing wall.
  • When the President came to town...
    Wednesday, May 8, 1912, and Friday, May 17, should rank as two of the most important days in the history of Jackson County and May, 1912 as one of the newsiest months in the county’s history.
  • Saving the Sargasso Sea…
    I had never heard of the Sargasso Sea until an old man on the beach told me about it last week. Apparently, it is the only sea that is not in contact with any type of land. It is located in the middle of the North Atlantic, and the Bermuda Triangle is in the center of the Sargasso. 
  • To The Editor:
    Folks in Southern Ohio, we must admit, are a rare breed. It’s kind of hard to determine why exactly, but I think one reason is to do with lack of opportunities. Over generations it has led to discouragement and loss of trust. But, no matter what has come and gone, there seems to be one thing that discouragement has not affected, that being the love of home and family.
  • Church, volunteers open doors, hearts
    During last week’s cold snap when overnight temperatures dipped below zero at one point, the Christ United Methodist Church of Jackson and the Jackson County Homelessness Committee teamed up to open a cold-weather shelter at the church’s Family Life Center. The idea was to provide a temporary shelter for the homeless and others who had no warm place to stay, which would provide food, bedding and an overnight place to take refuge. Approximately 15 volunteers committed themselves to make it happen and the church willingly threw out the welcome mat and opened its doors.
  • A ‘Tip of the Hat’ on a sad, solemn day… and looking ahead toward spring
    Last Tuesday was one of the saddest days I have ever spent as a journalist when covering the helicopter crash in the Zaleski State Forest. It was a bitterly cold day, and it was emotional to hear of such a tragedy taking place.
  • Farewell to Dr. Layne Allen Longfellow…
    This column is about Dr. Layne Allen Longfellow, who certainly deserves a little love and respect from his hometown of Jackson. I will concede that most local residents of the younger and middle generations have probably never heard of him. After all, he left town after graduating from Jackson High School in 1955 and he proceeded to build his illustrious and versatile career doing many different great things, but all far away from his hometown. 
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