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January 25, 2020
  • The Equinox…
    Equinox comes from a Latin word which means evening.  Of course, in relation to the Sun that means the most evening of day and night.  The spring equinox for the Northern Hemisphere in 2020 will be Thursday, March 19 at 11:50 p.m.  Thinking about this day is quite amazing, it is the day on which our sun will be directly over the equator of our planet.  So, as we spin on our axis at approximately 1,000 MPH, with our planet tilted at 23-½ degrees, you will see the most even day and night of the year.
  • To The Editor:
    The Jackson Band Boosters held a fundraiser bingo on Dec. 7, 2019, to raise money for scholarships for the Class of 2020. The Boosters awarded over $5,000 in scholarships to students from the Class of 2019. We could not do this without the continued support of the community.
  • I’ve been listening to a podcast about Teddy Roosevelt.  It is very interesting, and it connected a couple of things I previously knew, but never realized they were so closely connected --  mainly, a famous old quote that I have admired for years.  But I never knew the author was Teddy Roosevelt’s oldest daughter Alice.  I had assumed it was his wife or sister all these years. 
  • Wiley (and wise) raccoons…
    Twilight was setting in tonight as I was making my last delivery of the day at Target.  Just as I exited the vehicle, I noticed a raccoon trying to cross the parking lot in front of me.  She tried three times to leave the bushes, without interference from the careless traffic of humans rushing to and fro to fill our endless desire to acquire things, things, things, and more things.
  • To The Editor:
    I am a Scout from Troop 5091 out of McArthur and been in the Scouting program for 9 years. We have been attending Chief Logan Reservation for longer than I can remember. I’m still emotional about it and I just wanted to say thanks for representing our voices. We try to give all we can back to our communities and we expect nothing in return, but this article really puts a smile on my face when I realized that we can be heard. 
  • To The Editor:  November 24, 2019
            Senator Rob Portman
            4438 Russell Senate Office Building
            Washington, DC 20510

    Dear Senator Portman,
    Is the President a Russian stooge or a Russian agent? Consider that question carefully.

  • To The Editor:

    The Jackson County American Cancer Society wishes to thank the people of Jackson and surrounding counties for all their help and support in making the 2019 Festival of Trees a tremendous success.  

  • The cost of water...
    Second only to the air we breathe, water is absolutely essential for life as we know it.  We can’t survive but a precious few minutes without breathable air, and the average human being will die after only three days without water.  Think about that, I remember my Dad’s oldest brother saying that one day a glass of water will be worth more than gold.  The richest man in the world, would give his fortune for water in three days.
  • For the record: ‘Guys, we should have played that game’
    (Editor’s Note: The recent passing of another Thanksgiving holiday stirred some memories… of another Thanksgiving, 34 years ago, when notplaying a backyard football game signified that the would-be participants had completely crossed through the portal from adolescence to adulthood. Thanks to Xerox and someone’s old box of mementos, it resurfaced this year. Hopefully, it has relevance to all of us who reluctantly come to the conclusion that we can’t stay young forever.)
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