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December 5, 2019
  • For the record: ‘Guys, we should have played that game’
    (Editor’s Note: The recent passing of another Thanksgiving holiday stirred some memories… of another Thanksgiving, 34 years ago, when notplaying a backyard football game signified that the would-be participants had completely crossed through the portal from adolescence to adulthood. Thanks to Xerox and someone’s old box of mementos, it resurfaced this year. Hopefully, it has relevance to all of us who reluctantly come to the conclusion that we can’t stay young forever.)
  • Staff welcomes Megan Malone

    The Telegram is indeed fortunate to have secured the services of Jackson resident and professional journalist Megan Malone to work on the newspaper staff as a contributing writer/reporter.

  • Thanksgiving and deer gun season...
    I was thinking the other day about how much I love Thanksgiving Day. It occurred to me that it is the only holiday that hasn’t been so abased by commercialism, it still retains a core value. The older I get the more I realize I don’t know.  But if you can’t look at how blessed we are in this country, and give thanks for it, you have a serious problem facing reality.
  • To The Editor:

    The movie "Midway" is presently being shown at the movies.  But very few of the viewers, if any will understand the contribution that a Jackson County native gave to this very important Naval battle and the turning point of the Second World War.

  • To The Editor:

    To the Vinton County Community:

    This past cross country season has been one of tremendous accomplishment for our program.  The high school girls’ team was TVC and district champions and qualified for the state meet for the first time in school history, the high school boys’ team qualified for the regional meet for the first time since 2013, the middle school boys’ team defeated each Southeast District Division II team at least once during the course of the season, and we had a middle school girl rewrite our record book.

  • ISS & CO2...
    Since moving to the space coast of eastern Florida, my attention to the launches from the Kennedy Space Center have inevitably led me to a heightened curiosity about the ISS (International Space Station). 
  • To The Editor:

    My wife and I are the parents of an adult son who has developmental disabilities. Although we love him and he brings great joy into our lives, he requires a considerable amount of our time and resources and always will. 

  • People of Jackson,

    I am writing this letter in hopes that the current mayor, service director, and council will stop the spending because it's going to hurt the next mayor and council. 
  • ‘Making Sense of Making Sense’
    The other day I heard someone say “That makes sense.”  The thought crossed my mind that making sense is actually more literal than I had ever comprehended.  Think about our five senses, feel, touch, hear, smell, and taste.  So, if I say, “Hey, that makes sense.”  What I am really saying is that makes sense to my senses. 
  • Telegram welcomes new writer/reporter; preps Voters’ Guide
    The Telegram would like to publicly welcome Jackson area resident Anya Wakefield as a contributing writer to the editorial staff.
    Anya and her family -- she and her husband have two children -- recently moved to Jackson County from Putnam County, West Virginia. While in the Mountain State, Anya worked on a part-time basis for The Putnam Herald, which is a local edition for Putnam County of the Huntington Herald Dispatch. She quickly discovered she liked the job -- a lot.
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