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January 18, 2021
  • To The Editor:

    I write in response to Frank Souders' essay in your Wednesday, December 23, 2020 issue entitled "The Great COVID-19 Deception." Frank is a fine fellow who deserves our respect and gratitude for all the good things he has done in his career as a medical technician and nurse. Further, I appreciate that Frank used some real-world facts to support his arguments. In his essay Frank asked me to put on my thinking cap. I did, and I still disagree with him. His conclusions do not follow from his evidence.

  • To The Editor:

    I would like to give a big shout-out of thanks to the Jackson County post of the OSP [Ohio State Patrol] and the emergency responders who attended our children in a semi-tractor/car accident last night on U.S. 35, outside Jackson. Your caring, communication, and kindness meant so much to us as we are far away. We cannot say enough how thankful we are to all of the people who serve our communities every day.

  • To The Editor:

    I have had two occasions in recent months to call on the Jackson Police Department for assistance. Both times involved situations that either occurred while in that city or which needed to be resolved in that city.

  • It is the policy of The Telegram to accept and publish Letters to the Editor and Opinion / Editorial pieces if they are timely and space allows. After all, the foundation of journalism and newspapers is freedom of speech.
  • Well, to say this has been a year to remember, might be a grand understatement.  Many people have survived most of this year on unemployment benefits.  But I would wager that 99 percent of those people do not know who they should thank for those benefits.  When I discovered Frances Perkins, and her many achievements, my first thought was this woman should be known by all of us. 
  • (Editor’s Note: Jackson resident Frank Souders contributed this op/ed to The Telegram about a very timely and important topic – COVID-19.)

  • To The Editor:

    The Apple City Players wish to thank our sponsor - Pinewood Pottery and Paints - for "The Reason for the Season" which was to have been presented on Dec. 12 and 13 here in Jackson. Due to the COVID-19 epidemic, it was canceled.

  • To The Editor:

    In response to Mary Jean Rieder's letter dated 3 Dec. 2020:

  • December 3, 2020

    To The Editor:

    "They ALL need to be charged with treason and publicly executed."

  • Plant-based drugs…
    Most modern drugs, legal or otherwise, are created in a laboratory, but the fact remains that most originally began in the wild.  Growing naturally in the Earth’s incredibly diverse eco-systems.  Following are a list of a few of our modern drugs, in their natural, pre-processed form. 
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